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Visiual disturbance

I'm writing this while experiancing a strange kind of visual pattern. Googled and found its apparently a type of migrain. No headache. Just a kind of strange aura just off-centre. Still there when I close my eyes. Wondering why suddenly happened. Some web pages would suggest stress or anxiety which until this started I didn't have. I'm also finding that when I type, I'm really having to think how the word is spelled and even then I type the wrong letters. Weird, eh?

Visual bit gone now but the typing awkwardness is still there. Left hand of my face and front teeth - feel as if numb and been to the dentist. Husband doesn't need to know what is happening until I work out why it happened and what to do about it so doesn't happen again.

Seems to be ok now.

Wondering if taking Symbicort - 3 puffs twice a day - is to blame.

Edit: corrected my typing and made it easier to read.

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WOW, reading your post I can clearly see that you're having difficulties in spelling and hitting the correct keys. How long has this been going on? if some time then think I'd be definitely be dragging myself to the docs



have you changed any meds nanna?

could be a migraine or need glasses for a stigmatisum where letters get jumbled up and overlap to course the problem with writing .would def go for eye test ,

love always Glynis xxx

ps will look in your eyes also to pick up problems if you have one xxx


Wednesday, felt eyes or specs needing rinsed.

Tonight, a bit odd. No new meds. Symbicort taken 3 puffs, twice a day when taking prednislone tabs and visual disturbance put down because off pred. Wondering now if its actually due to Symbicort instead.


Don't worry folks

Definitely migraine-related. As the Googled pages forecast - recognisable headache followed some time later.

Not had a migraine since in my thirties. Crossing fingers is a one-off.



Hi GrannyMo,please, please get it checked out if it goes on. I get migraines like this, mine are haemaplegic which means they can mimic a stroke, numbness, pin and needles, I get the visual disturbance and flashing lights. but so do most migraines, also sickness. It could be the medication, mine is caused by food or when I grind my teeth when I'm stressed. I did have a stroke as I wasn't properly treated after as docs told me it was migraine caused by stress or eye strain which was rubbish (had vision tested was ok at time)Was on pethadine then morphine for the pain (gave birth to boys without any pain relief!). It maybe worth getting your eyes tested too, I now have slight eye damage caused by stroke, ironic really eh.

Take care and hope you feel better soon, migraines are so awful



Hope your eyes are better today xxxx


GrAnny on similar drugs and similar experience. I had the floaters and dark circles in december went to opticians who said I needed new glasses made up with new prescription got new specs and I couldn't focus to read a book or drive. Went back to opticians told to see gp. Gp told me to go back to opticians while the hospital consultant said probably due to pred but go back to optician and would refer to opthamologiat. The optician finally agreed to check my eyes again after I told them hospital recommended it. My new test has shown further changes in left eye. I now need Reading glasses and This is due to increased dose of prednisolone. So please get checked out grannny


Thanks for good wished. Found a page which exactly described what I was 'seeing'.

Will of course go see optician or GP should it happen again. Hoping just a one-off and maybe due to walking home in the snow last night. I'd been peering at the ground to see where next foot step should land. We still have foot high snow with water running at the base of footsteps made earlier in the day.


Since i have come out of hospital when i first stand up i see stars and pretty patterns for the first few seconds. It is well weird but i am going to contact my GP tomorrow as i dont think it should be happening. Hope you get your visual disturbances sorted!




Hope you feel better soon,lots of hugs and kisses nanna love always Glynis xxxxx


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