Doctors can get it right sometimes

Just had to post. Came home from long weekend away with start of sniffly nose and sneezes loud enough to wake the dead. As didn't feel aches or like could really do with taking to my bed, assumed it would all go away in day or so. You guessed, it didn't. Instead of sneezing, I coughed like it was an Olympic sport. Bronchitis end of June this year, didn't fancy a repeat run, so phoned GP for appt.

Ready to accept that GP would tell me nothing they could do as just a cold. I have after all, had this said so many times over the years. :( but joy of joys, this new surgery I'm with never fails to amaze. As I explained I had this cold and now a cough and how could I prevent it turning into the dreaded bronchitis, the Doc said he wished everyone would ask that. As he went to sound my chest, I pointed out I don't wheeze. Well you do now, he said, definite rattle on right side so antibiotics for you.

You know, I nearly jumped up and hugged him. Not only did he let me tell the symptoms but read out my last three months medical notes. Somewhat surprised by previous practice's notes or lack thereof ie amoxicillin doesn't agree with me. Told him about the GP that suggested I leave off taking inhalers in cold wintry weather if I hadn't the puff to take them. Lol. Not.

Appt made for me with asthma clinic next week. Symbicort upped to two puffs, four times a day again. Red erythromycin hard to swallow tablets, weeks worth.

Finding the good guys, I truly wish I could wave a magic wand and everyone had benefit of listening doctors instead of the ones who look pointedly at their watches and sigh or tell you it's just a cold, get over it. If you are ever in my neighbourhood I'll gladly point you in their direction.

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  • Thats fab news in 1 respect with gettin half decent gp! Hope u get better soon!


  • Hi Grannymo,

    I hope you start to feel better soon.

    Sounds as though you have a very good GP there.

  • Hi Grannymo,

    I hope you start to feel better soon.

    Sounds as though you have a very good GP there.

  • Thanks Charlie and asthmagirl. Might be bigger when tablets finished. Feel hungry all the time which really isnt like me. Have to change my name to Big Mo.

  • Haha dont change your name, youll confuse us all! Hopfuly side effects won last to long for you! X

  • Good to know - I have a fantastic GP (who even communicates with me by email to save me traipsing back and forth to the surgery every 10 mins to say 'this inhaler doesn't work', though he doesn't mind seeing me if I want to come in). But sometimes feels like they are in the minority so good to hear about another one.

    Hope you had a good weekend away and chest didn't interfere too much - and hope you feel better soon! I will definitely be after your GP if I'm ever up in your neck of the woods (health tourism lol - tour of UK by GPs. Always go to the same place and am there so much might fancy a change some time ;))

  • So glad you have a fab doctor.Mine is brill also.Hope you feel better soon. Love and hugs xxx

  • Wow, sounds like a great GP. Maybe we could do a map of the good GPs/hospitals for the UK tour ;)? I know those red smarties (erythromycin) well too, must have had them for several months this year with sinuses.

    Philomena, a GP that will email sounds great.

    B, know what you mean re they agree to do what I suggest. GP agreed with Atrovent. I am left to my own devices with prednisolone now after having several courses this year, have it on repeat and just have to tell them when I start it, would be so easier to just email.

  • It's sort of exciting when you find a nice doctor (sounds silly but you all know what I mean!). We are really fortunate with our surgery on the whole, there are a couple of very good doctors who listen and understand.

    The other day I went about myself (prebooked the week before) and I mentioned at the end that my son was poorly again (cold etc) and he said 'if he's in the waiting room I'll take a look at him now'. My son was actually at home but I would have brought him if I'd known the GP would check him over - I thought that was so nice of him to offer as it's really really hard to get appointments and I always understood you couldnt share an appointment.

    Our other usual GP is also really nice too - the only downside is that he's popular and it's almost impossible to get an appointment with him.

  • Glad you have a great doc Grannymo and I hope you're feeling better soon too. I also have an absolutely wonderful GP. I'll really miss her when I leave uni at the end of December and have to find another GP. You lot had better get cracking on that GP map so I can narrow down my search!

  • I'd say come to Oxford - we have what seems like millions of GPs and you can generally get an appt very quickly as there are so many, even with my really good one.

    On the other hand, we have no walk-in, OOH is in a dodgy part of town and A&E is not very convenient unless you live round there (and you wouldn't want to imo). I can't comment on the service there, but was not bowled over by the local chest unit outpatients...

    It comes to something when you have to consider these factors when moving/getting a job! I am terrified of moving out of my practice's catchment area and feel I shouldn't have to worry about that sort of thing until I am at least 70!

  • Grannymo, hope you're feeling better soon.

    OOH here is next to/almost part of A&E with 2 receptionists and a joint desk & generally staffed by local GPs. No walkin centre either.

    Know what you mean Philomena & Ratty, got lucky with this practice when I moved last year but GP then went off on mat. leave

  • Philomena, when I moved to my current house it was because the doctors surgery was across the road and the ambulance station was at the bottom of the road. Just as well really as our household has had several medical emergencies where time has been of the essence and ambulance has got to our house within minutes...

  • Loughborough is a fantastic place to be in terms of access to services. My GP practice is only around the corner and I can pretty much always get an appointment, and there's only one doctor out of 4 that I don't like, only downside is the asthma nurse only works one day a week and everytime I book a appointment to see her, end up in bloomin hospital.

    The local OOH walk in centre is also very close to my flat, and when ive gone for non asthma related stuff I've been able to walk there. And if I've gone for my asthma I get seen very quickly but they do tend to panic and call an ambulance.

    I'm also in the middle of 2 local receiving units, one being an A&E and the other being my local respiratory centre so I'm very lucky where I live to have access to so much when I've come from Ireland where the nearest A&E is 40miles away!

  • Hi thanks for good wishes.

    Slight hiccup with Erythromycin. Ok last time round. Presume different manufacturer this time.

    Side effects - severe pain in right side of chest and feeling I was going to be sick. Not good.

    Back to GP who gave me Doxycycline 100mg. 8 tablets. Label, on the smallest box you ever saw, tells me to avoid the sun. Living in the West of Scotland, don't think this will be a problem.

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