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Pre- asthma diagnosed, I would cough my head off for what seemed like ever when coming in from the cold outdoors to the warm indoors and vice versa.

Now that I have asthma meds, in the same conditions I'm violently sneezing on and on. Almost as bad as the previous constant cough and a bit off-putting for companions when I can't hold a conversation for sneezing unexpectedly.

When I coughed, I used to be kidded about husband sending me up chimneys. Oh ha ha, not.

Now, I'm kidded about swine flu as pals go oink, oink and total strangers look worriedly at me.

Almost ran out of ASDA yesterday in despair at the uncontrollable sneezes - only the knowledge that my cupboards were bare at home, stopped me.

Should I say at asthma review tomorrow or should I just take as an improvement on coughing?


(A'tchoo, a'tchoo, a'tchoo)

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hi nanna,

I would mention it, could be rhinitis or a polyps or asthma symptom or anything,hope you are feeling better soon.

love Grandaughter xxxxx


Hi Granny,

I think I would mention it! Sneezing your way round Asda does not sound like fun!

Btw, I notice you haven't been taking the singulair (on some posts you said the sleepless nights were too much), as that is for allergy related asthma could the sneezing be allergy related? Just a thought....

If I have a coughing fit it always ends up with a short sneezing fit, most odd but I've done it for about 10 years. Makes people laugh but it's not very pleasant and I'm sure the coughing triggers the sneezing somehow. Maybe some of the medical people on here could say if there's a link?

Just wondered if that could be the issue for you?

I have to say.....your finish reminded me of a childhood song.

In my house there is a room

In that room there is a bed

In that bed is a little teddy bear with a very bad cold in his head


Hope you feel better soon teddy bear!



anti-histamines change my life (sort of!)

My mother once counted how many times I sneezed in a row - 21, as it turns out! Of course I get hayfever and random allergies (i.e. ones that initially I haven't a clue what sets it off). This lead me to having puffy eyes, strange red patches, sneezing, etc., on a regular basis. But I only took anti-histamines during the summer, and even then only those prescribed by the GP who wouldn't let me take the old-war-horse piriton (every four hours).

Somewhere around 2000 attitudes must have changed and I am now allowed to take piriton - and I take it continuously. It's fantastic: almost total goodbye to the random allergies/sneezing. It covers me for most of the hayfever too (except in the middle of a forest), though pet allergies remain unfortunately :-( So no cat or dog for me. However, it's well worth a try, but of course you shouldn't have piriton (the 4 hour ones) if you drive, as they can make you sleepy. Anything's worth a try. Good luck


Hi Gran,

how did the asthma review go? hope you have some idea of how to stop the sneezing, shame singulair didn't work for you like Fee said, but another thing you could try would be Loratadine, pick it up in most supermarkets, used to treat allergies.

My aunt coughs her way around the supermarkets, and until I said it could be related to her asthma, she's seeing the doc to see what they can do. Mostly the washing powder section.

son 109



Loratidine every day was ok the last few years but now gives me a headache. On cetirizene every day instead.

Re sneezing and wide awakeness etc.

Off the seretide and the singulair as hadn't moved the peak flows up at all. I'm on Symbicort 2 puffs twice a day. Next review Jan 5th. Crossing fingers PF has moved up the scale by then.

GrannyMo xx



Hope this works for you. Regarding the sneezing, wonder if it's linked to your other question of the blood blocked nose in the mornings. Some form of nasal rinse may be worth a try, neti-pot, or this which I use, but ordinary sea salt now, just as effective.


Oh Yuck! Don't think nasal irrigation is for me.

Doing a wee clear out of files tonight, I came across my aromatherapy notes.

Will check to see what is ok to waft with my hand towards me - geranium maybe. Will do a proper check first. I know better than to just take off the lid and sniff. My mum was an analytical chemist and taught me well.

No sneezes today but felt awfully tired though. Could hardly climb the stairs in Starbucks after. Oh Calamity!


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