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Newbie to Singulair

Been put on Singulair, along with my Seretide.

I've read the Singulair posts on here and will let you know whether any nasty side effects come along.

Interesting the posts about bad dreams, as that's what I've woken up from, for the last week. Maybe they will disappear for me? Yawning my head off all day, after a night of disturbed sleep, the next day, means I'm unsure whether yawn is due to non-sleep or lack of breath and needs a puff or two of Ventolin.

Keep you posted.


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Hey GrannyMo,

I didn't get any side effects with singulair appart from for the 1st two weeks i had vivid dreams, but no longer, they didn't bother me in the slightest tho! When I had a break from singulair and restarted I had them again, but they wore off as before!

Hope you have some good sucess with the Singulair!



I've never had any side effects from Singulair and must say I went through a very rough patch of really bad asthma symptoms every night, which Singulair seems to have made a real difference to. Guess everyone is different but it seems to work quite well for me

Hope it does you some good!


works well for me, think I recall having muscle cramps in my feet for a while. hope it works.



Hi GrannyMo,

I've been started on this today as well.....didn't know montelukast was also called singulair till a kind person on here told me.

Be interesting to compare notes maybe?

Best of luck



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