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Heartburn and breathing

Sitting up most of early morning. Woke to severe indigestion. That burning taste, pain in chest and tight bloated tummy. Felt sick too. Peak flows have been on the low side but putting down to inability to blow properly due to sore back and constant stuffy throat and nose. Been putting stuffiness down to recurrent viruses doing the rounds and trying to ignore my diary over the last two years which suggests down to poor control and possibly pred or something needed to boost the seretide 250 for a wee while.

Been keeping an eye on the barometer as noticed when it rises, the chest tightens. Don't know if that's anything to do with this very occasional indigestion.

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do you take anything for your heartburn? if you dont i wouldnt bother with any over the counter remedies except gaviscon (trust me ive tried them all). i take a stomach tablet and gaviscon for a hiatus hernia as i get awful reflux and heartburn. it mimics the signs of asthma so i always make sure i check my peak flow too. i was telling someone else on here the other day-a good tip if you have to lie down is to sleep on your left side (with support for your boobs)as the stomach drains better that way so you get less heartburn. personally i sleep sitting up surrounded by pillows-a bit like an armchair but on a very slight incline. for the horrible burning taste ive tried everything but ive found that especially after vomiting with my hernia, the only thing that gets rid of the taste and allows me to go back to sleep is a boiled sweet and a drink of water-in that order. yep i do think that the weather has something to do with it x


Been having this alot over the last few months,im on domperidone 10mg and lansoprazole 30mg, these do help and as said laying on yer left side. i had sinus trouble too both that and me stomach seemed to work in unision, sometimes the basics work like bicarb , try a level teaspoon in a glass of water before bedtime. better still see yer doc about it. gaz


Hi folks,

Took Rennies chews which didn't really help. The icky feeling finally went away during the day and I took it easy choosing light food for meals.

If continues to be a problem will go see the quack.

Re: Gaviscon - You know, I was sitting there thinking of that ad. with firemen hosing white stuff but couldn't remember which indigestion remedy they were promoting. LOL. So much for the power of advertising. :P


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