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Symptoms or not?

Hello everyone welcome to my first topic post!! I was diagnosed with adult on-set asthma at the beginning of July. It was very scary, off to hospital in ambulance on oxygen etc. The asthma nurse has increased my symbicort to 4 puffs twice daily and for the first two weeks the need for my blue inhaler fell of dramatically. The last few days I have found that I am needing it more but my peak flow is still on the same level. Is this usual?

I sometimes run out of breath when I'm speaking and need to take a deep breath to continue. I also get a tightness in the base of my throat rather than my chest. Are these common asthma symptoms?

I know that you can't give medical advice but I am tending to avoid taking the blue inhaler - do you think I should take it when my throat gets tight or not?

I am going to see the consultant next week and I think I'm hoping he'll say that I don't have asthma. I think that is going to be a forlorn hope.

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hi, welcome to the board!

Sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it lately, i'm sure being told you have asthma must have been very scary for you.

I'm afraid I can't really help much except to say, if you feel you need your blue reliever inhaler, take it, it's what it's there for.

Maybe you might find keeping a diary of your synptoms and how you feel helpful?

You could take it with you to your appointment, it might help give the consultant a clearer idea of what's happening.

I can understand you hope that it's not asthma, it's a huge thing to get your head around.

take care and i hope things settle down for you soon.



hi Louise

I work with children an often have to sing nursery rymes and I always get out of breath, and have to take a deep breath to carry on and I think quite a few people find that talking can make them quite short of breath. and there are a number of things that can make your throat tight, I find that ciggarrete smoke makes mine feel tight, do you suffer from hayfever? cause that can also make your throat uncomfortable.

hope that helps a bit



Thanks for your comments - it really helps to know that you're not the only one. I've needed by blue inhaler more often the last few days. I am still trying to work out what my triggers are.


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