Coughing all of the time

Lately I have been coughing so much its driving me and my boyfriend insane, I take my flixotide in the morning and the occasional ventolin when im coughing but it doesnt seem to help. Any tips?

Just when I was diagnosed with asthma the doctor didnt have to listen to my chect he heard me coughing down the hall!!!

So if any one can help me I would be doesnt help when you can feel your chest rattling wither. Do many other people get this?


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  • how long have you been on flixotide and what dose? maybe you need something extra like serevent or singulair.

  • If the cough is unusually bad for you then I would suggest at least speaking to your asthma nurse or GP as they may want to add to, or change your meds.

    Surprisingly considering my name (LOL), I have this problem too! This year seems to be particularly bad because of the very high pollen count and muggy heat but I do find generally that it takes very little to set me off.

    Unfortunately our coughs are painfully tiring to us and painfully annoying to other people.

    Take care and happy coughing.

  • cough,cough

    hi im sarah,

    i have been coughing,breathless wheezing and go blue for over 6mths,no inhalers or asthma stuff can help but the doctors and the hospitals keep saying i have asthma.

    i have never ever had asthma or any lung problems in my life.

    i cant sleep,eat,drink and enjoy life. i have a partner and two young boys oldest is 6yrs and youngest is 3yrs we are all going chest dont stop rattling all day long


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