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im feeling the good old hayfever seasons here

here we go again!

weve have oficially 1 week of lovely weather hear in essex and its already hear and being a pain in the neck! (im talking the wonderful hayfever)

id been coping ok asthma was gd up till yesterday when my hayfever real hit hard, then silly ol me forgot me pirteaze tablet this mornin oh have i suffered today. u no the usual itchy eyes lot.

my hayfever seem to be getting worse each year (as i get that bit older) any ideas? anybdoy else the same?

oh an any one no of anything that might be bit beter than the ol piriteaze

much apreciated

hopeing your not all suffering guys

luv an hugs from essex



oh an apologies for any typos lol x

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hayfever and pollen has been a bit evil lately hasnt it. If you go see your GP there are different antihistamines that are supposedly more effective that cannot be brought over the counter. Otherwise you could try a different brand of over the counter antihistamine as some work better than others.

Also have you considered eyedrops or a nasal spray as that might be something to ask about.

Take CAre




I live right next to a heavily wooded park and the last 2 days off work I have been chilling outside catching up on my reading-all very pleasant in the afternoon but my sinuses have been like a sewerpipe the last two nights-no pain,no gain I suppose!!!!!

-forgot to add;I alternate between ""cheap"" Loratadine and Cetirizine Hydrchloride which seems ok on stopping my eyes watering but not getting ""bunged up"",but that could be the normal asthma I suppose.

Reply brother has hayfever, and recently moved house - from one next to heath fields to one in a wooded valley, and found that he has no hayfever now. He puts it down to being allergic to types of grasses, and the trees seem to shield the air from the worst...

I get a slight added activity in my sinuses when the pollen is at it peak, and my solution apart antihistamines is to get down Southend for a huge dose of sea air!!



Hi lil tinx,

Sorry to hear that you're suffering. It's particularly bad right now - my mum and my husband are both suffering, and they don't normally get hayfever.

There area several alternative treatments apart from Piriteze (which contains the non-sedating anti-histamine ceterizine). It's definitely worth trying a steroid nasal spray such as Beconase (can be prescribed by a pharmacist in the chemist). There are other treatments that can help that only your GP can prescribe, so it's always worth going along.

Other strategies that can be useful are removing all your clothes and showering after you get in, to remove traces of pollen, as well as splashing cold water on your face. Putting vasaline inside your nostrils to trap allergens is also said to be helpful. Nasal sinus irrigation to remove allergens and sticky mucus can also be helpful - see the recent thread on rhinitis for more information.

Hope this helps

Em H



thanks for all advice think trip to docs is on my list but thats on hold at mo till i leave school next week cant afford ne time of rite now ... (GCSES) lol ! but for now trying Loratadine. seems to be ok at the mo lol ,

thanks again

lil tinks


blasted hayfever,

i hate hayfever itcompletly sets my ashma of nd no one knows what it feels like to try and control asthma and the hayfever unless u r asthmatic urself


Bumping up this thread


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