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cfc (chloroflurocarbon) free inhalers - query


collected my prescription from our pharmacy last week took little notice of what was actually given to me but since opening it to start today i found my usaeual beclazone inhaler has been replaced with a cfc free alternative .

i had heard my gp would consult me before doing this , is that right?

i no that a cfc free inhaler doesnt use a cfc propelant which is damaging to environment but is there any difference in the inhaler itself

advice is much appreciated

with thanks

tinx xx

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Hello Lile tinx,

There should be no difference in the drug itself, thw only difference you may experience is the taste or the feel of the drug as it is breathed in.

Most people cope OK with the new propellant. I have very twitchy lungs and had no problem at all - I actually asked for CFC free ones as soon as they were on the market! Some people do experience problems with different brands / generics, but if you find one make is OK, try to stick with that one.



I just couldnt get used to the turbohaler and had some serious asthma problems around Xmas, back on the old one now and seems to be ok.


thanks ,

ive notice how different it feels when i breathe in the medicatiion its really strange its not a turbohaler its just another inhalers with a cfc free logo on the box and inhaler canister.i think if it was a turbohaler id be ok as i already use them for other meds i understand the need to dhange to cfc free inhalers and am all for changeing the little things that have a big effect on the environment/ ozone .

but i can safely say this one is going to take a little more gettting used to . lol .

that life i guess !!!!!!!!!!


Which cfc free inhaler are you on. I had to be changed to turbohalers for steroids cos I reacted to Qvar and the other one i tried the fine crystals kept blocking the tiny hole. If it is an ordinary type steroid inhaler you may need to clean it more often than usual and poke a pin to make sure the hole of the plastic casing is patent as it crystallises really easily.


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