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Prescription madness

Prescriptions round here have had a revamp recently we now have undereach medication directions date last issued date next issue allowed and issues remaining I hasn't ever bothered me before now but Whilst taking a look at my prescription today after collection hayfever meds on Saturday ( all meds always run out at different times) I have noticed I only have 1 issue left on my preventer in comparison to 4 on my deliver if I remember rightly deliver was double the preventer issues to start with ! But what I don't understand is when issues show Zero you have to make an appointment!

The madness in this is I'm now on yearly reviews at local asthma clinic so surely it would of made sense to have Enough preventer issues to last his period of time because now I'm back to square one in that I have to go back after 6 months because ive run out of issues ! Is it me or is this reviving the point !

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I guess they are trying to reduce waste and people who order too much.

I just ignore the number of issues left (and they still give me the presecriptions), as I am reviewed at the hospital. Have you rung the surgery to clarify whether if there are no issues left for 1 of your meds you actually have to make an appointment?

My surgery are quite good about letting me sensible numbers of things and will change things if I write a note on the bottom of the repeat request. It is annoying how tablets come in different size boxes and inhalers have different number of doses.


Maybe thats what they are doing

Yes most definatley one issue left so when I order than wi be sitting on 0 an will definatley need an appointment but I have been told if I have to wait for an appointment for some time they will allow one extra issue ! At least I no I won't run out If I have to wait x


Mine get reviewed automatically and never had to see the doc about it.

I just pick my meds up at the chemist and tick off next months and they do the rest and given

a date to collect next months.

Works great and get my hubbys and 2 sons meds at same time .xxx


I think this just means that the doctor has to re-authorise your prescription. It doesn't mean you have to see him. I certainly don't. Its just meant as a double check so that patients don't end up on medications for years that they don't need.


I just ask the receptionist to get new ones issued, and have no problems!


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