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gass leak, new home or weather

To cut a long story short I have moved home and cannot work out why m asthma is playing up. On the second day I descovered a gass leak in the property, I ended up in A&E and now have the all clear. The property is also brand new so there has been a lot of wood, tile etc dust about. The weather has also change quite quickly and I was wondering if this was the trigger. Could it be a mixture of all three? It seems to be worse at night too. Can anybody recommend any releif. I have an inhalier which I am using but it makes my heart beat fast and I really don't like that feeling.

Thank you.

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Sounds like it could be any one of those or a combination (bad combo!) though at least for all sorts of reasons the gas leak is sorted! Is the dust still around? Would it be possible/worth it for you to pay a cleaner to come and give it a once over to get rid of all that, even if you can't stretch to a regular cleaner? (I suggest this as it seems a bad idea for you to do it yourself and risk setting your lungs off again). My chest has been unsettled as well and I was wondering about the weather too but you'd think getting warmer would be good...

As for relief, the answer is you need to see your GP or asthma nurse. It's a good idea to see them after landing in A&E anyway, even of you were given the all clear, and if you're still having trouble you definitely need to go back as they might need to tweak your medication or tell you to up it for a bit.


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