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Uncontrolled, Steroid Resistant Asthma

I am 51 and have mild Asthma since I was 2. It has always responded to Ventolin and previously-available reliever medications. Notably, my Asthma is 95% related to anxiety, and often goes into remission for 7 or more years at a time. This year, I developed bronchitis, during the summer, and this has endured for 5 months, resulting in a resurgence of Asthma at the severest level (3 A&E dashes and daily acute symptoms at 4-6 hourly intervals.) My Doctor has tried to effect control via the 3 main steroid prepations, at all available doses. There is no response other than to increase inflammation of my lungs, encourage more mucus, induce acute anxiety and hives of 24 hour duration. It seems I display every side-effect in the book with none of the desired relief. In fact, when using steroids, my Ventolin use increases as my peak flow drops. The lowest dose of Flixotide induces clinically-observable psychosis in me. I have also tried combination inhalers with the same results. I have now been prescribed Salmetrol as a single inhaler, even though this is not best advice. I have taken steps to manage my anxiety, and am very good at keeping calm and managing myself during an attack. I believe my Asthma will stabilise once I am out of the 'trough' caused by the bronchitis, but in the meantime, I would like to hear of any other's experience of steroid resistance and use of Salmetrol without a combination anti-inflammatory.

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HI Frank

Ive had steroid resistance for many years. I have until last year been on high doses of inhaled steroid (ever inhaler you can think of) and 40-60mg of prednisolone (continous for 3 years).

Now thankfully I am off the pred and only on one inhaled did i get here?.... I had Intramuscular steroids for six months which broke the cycle and gave my lungs a rest from the continous inflammation and attacks. I now use Ciclesonide which is a steroid inhaler but has less side effects than normal inhalers and works more effectively.

Obvously this is not for everyone but you need to talk to a specialist doctor or asthma nurse, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As for the anxiety i too have problems with this.. yoga helped so too did counselling from a specialist psycotherapist who helps people cope with disabilities.

Truly x


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