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calling all serevent users and x-users

hey everyone. just been put on it and wandering how long I should expect for it to kick in?

I have been waking 3-4 nights a week with symptoms and also 3 times a week during the day, so i was given serevent. I have been on it for 5 days and last night did not wake up and slept quite well so it seems to be working, but should i expect it to be working better by now?..

i am still using my salbutamol during the day...

also was wandering whether when they say ""how many times a week do you use your reliever"" what happens if you have used it lets say 3/7 days in the week, but more than once during that day? do you just count the days on which you used it or the actual amount of times you used the reliever?...

sorry for the confusing post everyone!

Lizzie xxx

Edit: to be exact on Salmeterol 25mg 2 puffs morning and two at night (so i guess that makes me on 100mg a day??)

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If I remember it took a while to work like most meds but my consultant alterd it to seritide.x


serevent and reliever use

Hi Lizzie,

It's good that the Serevent is already working- for some people it doesn't and if not noticed any improvement of symptoms within one month should stop.

Regarding use of reliever - best to report to doctor or asthma nurse exactly how many times a day you've used it, rather than used it on 3/7 days.

Also, as happened with Glynis- if the serevent is helping you can be prescribed the ""combination"" inhaler Seretide which has the Salmeterol (Serevent) in it and the Beclometasone (Clenil) so you only need to use one inhaler rather than both.

Hope you continue to improve!

L :)


Normally when asthma medication is changed you should be reviewed in about a month to see how you're getting on.

With regards to seretide, it is a combination inhaler containing the salmeterol (serevent) and the steriod is fluticasone (flixotide) not beclomethasone (clenil). If the serevent helps you, you can still ask for the seretide inhaler, but it's not quite a straight swap as the previous post suggested.


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