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Brown steroid inhaler dossage

hey everyone. i was recently diagnosed with asthma and was given a blue and brown inhaler.

i also made an asthma plan with my nurse which was to take 1 puff morning and night of the brown one and IF i was ILL to take 2 puffs morning and night.

now my asthma was really not controlled very well (i felt so anyways) which is why i got the asthma plan. so i decided to try something myself. (dont be mad! lol)

i took the 2 puff dosage and continued taking it and now about 2 weeks later i am finally seeing a result. finally for the first time since i was diagnosed i feel better!! i had rung the asthma nurse on here a while ago and she told me to be taking two puffs but i didnt want to overide my nurses decision so i stuck to what she had told me, but now i see that the higher dossage works better.

should i just keep it this way? should i tell her? or should i go back to 1 puff morning and night like she told me and then have to take my blue one all the time because i keep getting symptoms??

and also i am at uni and have my first exam tomorrow- very very stressed. is this a good enough reason so be on the higher dosage again? as if i were ill?

thanks guys!!

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hey there,

glad to hear that your asthma seems better controlled with the higher dose. Although I do think you should keep your asthma nurse up to date on what your medication regime is, even on the advice of another professional. These things need to be kept on your record at your GP/Consultant.

Best wishes.



the usual dose is two puffs morning and night, but you don't say what you have to be certain, and then double that if Ill and have symptoms or low PF's.

I'd go back and see the nurse and explain things just to keep them upto date. Your actions of stepping the dose up or back in some cases is all about active asthma management and should be encouraged by giving you the correct information you require to make that judgement. Those of use who've been around for a while frequently increase the steroid or other meds when we need them, then drop it back when were better without consulting the doctor or asthma nurse because they know we can manage the situation within the limits of safe usage.

Few simple rules, you shouldn't have frequent symptoms, be using your ventolin several times a day or have trouble sleeping, all are signs of poor controlled asthma.


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