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peak flow measurements

Hi all, i was diagnosed with astma at a younge age but i think at about age 11 i never went back to the doctors for a repeat perscription for inhailers or seen them in reguards to it since.

I recently picked up a EU standered range peak flow meter and range between 350 and 450 the last few days and my chest feels fine. I've never had an astma attack and go to the gym alot, but im limited to activity's that i can do without breathing to much, i.e weight lifting, bike, resistance machines, but if i try to go on the running machine and a pathetically low speed of 10, after 5 mins my throat feels dry and constricted i turn a dark red and have to stop to recover for 10 mins, which also prevents me from doing any sports that involving running, but other than that im very fit and have no other signs of astma, chest tightness ect.

So should i go to my gp and ask to be treated for astma or is this something else?

Im male, 22, 6ft1, 176lbs

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hey welsh guy, if you want to check your peakflows go to peakflow.com there you can check your normal range in both EU and the old scale and you can also convert between the two

hope this helps


ok i just looked this up for you, your expected pf normal value is 608l/min, anything below 100 of that is not good


Thanks Wendy guess ill book an appointment.


hey let me know how u get on ok? and welcome to AUK


Remember aswell a lot is down to technique?


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