Flash clean and care all surfaces disinfectant spray

Just a heads up for Asthma sufferers. The above is on offer in Tesco. It states its mild and safe to use on all surfaces HOWEVER!!!!! I am a very mild Asthma sufferer, I have just used this stuff to clean my bathroom and it caused irritation to my lungs almost immediately, I immediately became wheezy and short of breath which developed into a very tight chest necessitating immediate use of my inhaler and spending the last 25 minutes outside. I am still wheezing now though not as bad. I have just looked at the Proctor and gamble site and it states if symptoms persist then seek medical advice....joy.

Suggest you stay away from this stuff unless you like visiting A and E!!!!

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  • It's on offer in Asda (where I work) too and I bought and used this the other day but haven't suffered any effects at all. Worth taking note of so thanks for the warning!!!

  • What may be mild and safe to use on an inanimate object may not be mild and safe for the human body, skin or lungs!

    I use Ecover or other ecofriendly stuff as they put on more or less all the ingredients and are often kind to lungs as well.

    Also, avoid sprays! a quick squirt from a bottle and a good slosh around with a cloth is just as good!


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