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Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Hi there,

I'm at the tail end of a fortnight-long flare up. I think things are calming down but I'm still quite new to asthma and I don't know how these things go.

I have been on Serevent (in addition to Clenil) for a week now, since I went to the nurse after an exercise-induced attack last Saturday. I thought it was working but now I'm not sure. I've been feeling completely wiped out and knackered and I had a little attack this Saturday night after an evening at a friend's (rather dusty and doggy) house.

Since this flare up started I have been feeling completely exhausted, practically dropping off in the afternoons at work, and I spent most of the weekend lying around with no energy. When I wake up in the morning I don't feel like I've had any rest. It's not like me at all. I've called in sick today, just couldn't get out of bed this morning.

Sorry this is just a bit of a moan rather than a question. I guess it's just a case of working out the right way to manage my asthma and I'm just not there yet. I feel completely miserable!

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hi maybe worth trying Seretide and i totally different preventer.


It is quite normal to feel tired after an asthma attack. Your lungs are grumpy so try to avoid triggers (like dust) although I know that's easier said than done. Give yourself time to recover and try to rest as much as possible.

Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks Angievere. I'm trying to do as little as possible this week, see if that helps!

Confused - I thought Seretide was a preventer/reliever combo - do you have to take a preventer with it as well?


hi it's a mix of Serevent and Flixotide. You can either have them together as seretide or you can ask for the flixotide part alone. there is a lot other types to try out if you don't feel as though your getting the right level prevention with your brown one it can't do much harm trying a different one.


Hi Gamba, I started on Pulmicort which had no effect on my symptoms so now I@m on Seretide. Its helped my symptoms, not enough, but its better than it was. But then Fri/Sat & Sun I had a bad time, didn't get severe symptoms but just the ventolin wouldn't shift it. Today is much better but I know how you mean about feeling washed out and tired, plus my chest is sore. I've never had that before as I'm newly diagnosed too.

Hope you're better soon


Thanks for the info - I will talk to the nurse about seretide when I go back next week - I doubt it can make me feel any worse!

I know what you mean about your chest hurting - mine does too. It's exhausting! Hope it all calms down soon for all of us!


that could be me 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'! .after an asthma attack or chest infection etc i always feel like ive been ran over, my ribs and chest hurt, my legs always feel like jelly, my arms feel weak and i generally feel fed up and very stir crazy. there is no reason not to have good moan from time to time, especially when you feel as bad as you do.be kind to yourself and moan all you like x


Hi Gamba,

sorry to hear your feeling grotty at the mo. Could it possibly be that your anaemic or your irons low. As i was feeling like you and kept falling asleep it turned out amongst other things it turned out my iron levels were low, its also helped my p/flows slightly. Try and rest up and take care of your self that will help

I hope you feel better soon




Hey thanks for all your replies...

I think I will ask for a blood test next week, just to check there's nothing else going on- could be iron, a friend suggested that to me too.


Oh wow - exactly how I feel.......sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Well.......nuff said!


Feeling the same, I feel like I have had a 3 week long attack. My asthma only usually flairs up with an infection so this is new to me. But to say I feel out of sorts is an understatement. I ended up in hospital last week, took the rest of the week off and have managed half a day today and fell asleep all afternoon. Rest doesn't even to be doing anything. Sorry not an answer, just another moan but it did make me feel better knowing it was normal to feel like this.


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