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kenalog injection

hi everyone havent been on here for years. i was just wondering if anyone on here has had kenalog ? ive been on it for 3yrs but in last twelve months have lost two and a half stone which i can ill afford to lose!!.my consultant seems to think ive now reacted against it and he wantd to take me off it. im reluctant to do this as chest is so much better for it. anyone else on it with similar experiances .and if anyone under wythenshaw or from wrexham please get in touch xx

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Hi Mandy, I have no experience of kenalog but there have been quite a few threads on it before.. Type Kenalog into the search box on left hand side and the posts will come up. Hope things improve for you.



Hi sorry to hear ur having problems I hope they improve for u soon :)

I was on kenalog for 5 years and my consultant decided to stop it at the end of last year not because of any reactions or anything but just because he felt that it was no longer as effective as it had been, found the thought of coming off it very scary, it had given me four and a half years of good health and I was convinced that when he changed me onto oral pred I was going to struggle but tbh it was fine. I think it's easy to get comfy with our meds particularly if it made a big difference when we first started it but dont worry too much about it...on the bright side im sure the oral pred will help u put some of that weight back on ( if that is the plan)

Feel free to pm me if u like

Becca Xx


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