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Seriously fed with a bad cold and it wont go away

Ive had a really bad cold for about a week and its not showing any signs of going away its making me feel rotten and its making breathing increasingly difficult. Ive been up all hours coughing and im right in the middle of my first set of GCSE exams and im surrounded by friends with colds which doesn's help and the lack of sleep is catching up on me. Im newly diagnosed with asthma and this is the first time ive had a really bad cold i dont know what to do.

Any advice to help, cope or get rid of this cold would be greatly recieved.

Thanks :)

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Hi Lizzy,

That's rubbish luck, in the middle of your exams (off-topic: at this time of year? Never had them in Jan when I was doing them!)

I'd get back to the doctor asap if I were you esp as breathing is getting more difficult (obv if it gets too much worse then don't wait, get some help sooner). But the GP might well be able to help at least with the asthma side by adjusting your medication or adding something while you have the cold, even if they can't get rid of the cold.

It's also worth going in case you're getting a chest infection on top of/because of the cold; possible you might need antibiotics for that though obviously they can't help if it is just the cold making you feel rubbish.

I really wish they'd find a cure for the common cold. It's especially annoying for asthmatics!


It might be worth seeing your GP anyway as if it is affecting your exams you could get your GP to write a letter confirming that you are not well and that it is affecting your performance in the exams and this can be sent via your school/college to the examination board as an extenuating circumstance. If things do go pear shaped you are covered....

Hope you are feeling better soon and good luck with the exams!


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