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Tight and painful chest, no obvious reason why

I've been getting a tight chest and i dont understand why im not being exposed to any of my triggers and it comes suddenly and painfully and it takes about 3-4 puffs off my releiver to get the pain to go away any idea's what might be causing it


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Hi Lizzy,

Good to see you back on here...or maybe not if you're having problems! If your reliever makes it go away it's probably just a trigger you don't know about, or one of your triggers is there, or just chest being random! How often do you get it? Maybe worth a trip to GP or asthma nurse if it keeps happening so they can tweak meds as sounds like you're getting through the reliever.

Obviously if it gets really bad OOH or A&E, but even if not I'd still ask someone about it. Hope you feel better!


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