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Should i see the doctor?

Not sure whether i should go to see the doctor this afternoon. Had a bad chest infection which resulted me to have a attack last monday morning. Had to go to A&E i was treated with 2 nebs 30mg ped & some antibiotics. I am off work until the 29th Jan been given another weeks worth of 30mg pred. My chest is quite rattky today. Not sure whether its worth booking in a appointment for later on. I've had to use my blue inhaler about 6 times today.

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Julie, I would say that you know your own body better than anyone - if you have cause for concern about your asthma, then you should go and see your doctor. As my doctor said to me the other day, ""asthma can turn on a sixpence"". Not sure if this is a specifically Scottish saying - but you know what he means. It can seem manageable one moment, and then the next moment take a turn for the worse. My advice to you is to NEVER be complacent when it comes to your asthma.





Doctors booked 4:05pm.


Just come back from the doctors. He has loaned me a nebuliser until i am feeling better. He said use it as a smoke alarm for piece of mind.

My oxygen levels are good, my peak flow is good, i'm causing my shortness of breath by panicking. I can't help it. Its making me feel wheezy. I have a chest x-ray booked for thursday 2 - 4pm.

My doctor is really looking after me. He said i would benefit from physio to help my breathing.

Its a nightmare. I feel wheezy i panick, take me blue inhaler, start to shake, panick cos i'm shaking, feel out of breath take some more blue spray etc etc its a vicious circle.


Julie, the positive thing about you having identified the cycle is that you now have a starting point for combatting it. When you recognise that you're getting caught up in the panic, remind yourself that it is panic and nothing more scary. Try to relax (see EmH's brill post about relaxation techniques), think of nice things and hopefully you'll manage to break the cycle.

I'm so pleased that your GP is being supportive - it makes a big difference, I think. If he offers you physio then I'd suggest taking him up on it, because they might well be able to help you. I also think his description of using the nebuliser as a smoke alarm is a very good one, particularly when using one for the first time, so this in mind if you find yourself struggling - it's an indicator to get more help, not to nebulise yourself silly.

Take care and keep us posted.



Thanks Becky

I'm gonna fight it. If anything this asthma bout is going to make me a stronger person!!! I'm really trying to stay positive. My wheeze has settled since being given my neb device. I'm not going to take it unless my peakflow drops. My mum took me to the doctors. I had to blow into a paper bag all the way there.


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