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As some of you may know i've had superficial phylebitis for 2 months.

Its not really getting any better due to be too scared to take NAID's. My GP has told me to try it. This is it i'm too scared to!. I had to go back to the gp on Thursday and they've given me some Perdisinole x4 a day to see whether it will help settle the inflammation down and pain down.

I have been using my Ibuprofen gel and have had no problems, even though i know not much is absorbed into the body.

I'm very anxious to get rid of my phylebitis now. I'm sure i've taken aspirin and Ibuprofen before without any problems

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I take NSAIDs fairly often as a very nasty bout of Pleurisy about 18 months ago has left a little scar on my right lung, it doesn't trouble me a lot of the time but when the weather is cold or I'm poorly with bugs, coughs, colds etc then it does flare up. I have no problems at all with them and I know that most Asthmatics dont, but maybe try taking just one tablet rather than two to begin with (or maybe even half a tablet) and see how you go on?

Also, I should probably mention that by nature I'm not at all an allergic person, all my allergy tests came back negative and my Asthma is not triggered by allergies and so it was unlikely for me to have problems. This probably did affect the GP's deicision to still prescribe them, although I'm Asthmatic. If you're an alleric type of person then it might be best to steer clear but I don't know.

Not really sure if this has helped, but basically all I'm saying is most people are completely fine and if the Drs are confident you will be alright with them, you probably will be.

Hope you're much better soon!!

Claire xx


Hi Julie,

I'm sorry to hear that the phlebitis is still troubling you - it must be getting very frustrating for you.

I can understand your fears regarding the ibuprofen, and I don't think anyone can really tell you what the answer is. I can tell you that only a small proportion (10%) of asthmatics are sensitive to NSAIDs, and of those, most will only be mildly affected. If your GP is happy for you to take it, then I am sure the risk is very low.

I wonder if there is any way that you can try it in an environment where you feel safe? Perhaps if you speak to your GP they could arrange for you to take it one morning and stay at the surgery for a few hours, so that help is close at hand if you do run into problems. If this is not possible, maybe having a friend with you keeping a close eye on you when you take it would help you to feel more reassured.

I do hope things settle soon, let us know how you get on.

Take care

Em H


Thankyou both SO SO much for your advice.

I don't have allergenic asthma. I'm probably making myself worse stress wise about taking a little tablet!!!

I'm going to have to try it because my leg kept me for most of the night last night.

I will try it later after my dinner. Because i've had a stomach ulcer i want to make sure i've had something substantial to eat. My OH will be around later as well

Thanks again, i'll let you know how i get on XX


Well i took one just over 2 hours ago with my dinner :)

I feel fine. Does this mean i can carry on taking them for the duration of a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will get rid of my phylebitis

I'm feeling very HOPEFULL!!!! LOL


I'm glad your getting on well with the ibuprofen, i really want to try the lotion form to see if it helps my fractured wrist but i'm also too wary too!


I'm just SO happy today because i've been taking the tablets and i feel so much better already. I am wearing a support bandage on my leg as well.

I'm using the cream and taking the tablets. Just wish i was braver a few weeks ago, i probably wouldn't of suffered this long with it


I have to have 600mg Ibruprofen for period pains on prescription. My gp reassured me that I would be ok asthma wise and echoed emily h in the small proportion of people who react to it.


I had been taking Ibuprofen for about 6 months for a problem with my big toes, during which time, My asthma wasnn't bad, but wasn't great either.

I stopped them about 2 months ago, and bar the times I've been unwell due to colds and suchlike, I have been much better. My peak flow jumped from 480 to 560 when I stopped taking it. So I was only having a mild reaction to it.

Hope this helps.


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