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Advice on Seretide dosage please

Hello all

Hope everybody is well!

Does anybody know the maximum dosage of seretide. I take 2 puffs morning & night.

I have a cold and a bit of a cough at the moment. It seems ok at the minute but my GP once advised me to double dose if i have a virus.

I need to do this as i am a little chesty but will i be over dosing on my inhaler?

Thanks in advance


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There are two strengths of Seretide Inhalers, regardless of that it would be unwise for any of us to tell you what is an appropriate dose. If you are not sure please discuss this with your GP.


It depends on what strength your current inhaler is, as there are two strengths of seretide inhaler. Without knowing that, unable to answer. I think it is better if you speak to your GP again about this.


Went to my GP today.

I've got a chest infection & laryngitis. I've had a nasty viral infection for 3 weeks. I'm hoping the cough will be the tail end of it!!

She confirmed x2 puffs 250seretide twice a day is the maximum dosage. Just incase anybody else was wondering.


Doctor at SOS international told me for an evohaler the max dose was 1mg (4x250mcg) and for a accuhaler it was 2mg (based on a 4x500mcg)

This is from an international company not sure if the uk has slightly different guidlines, but I Take 1mg evohaler twice daily and have no probs so hope I'm not overdosing!


Yes thats correct. I have a evohaler so 1mg is what i take a day


I was put on seretide 125 2puffs twice day last week, and asked what to do if I got worse. Do not double up the dosage like I use to do with the beclometasone was the answer, but see the doctor. The old advice was double up but not anymore, it's down to the fact that the inhaler contains Serevent (salmeterol), and this has a max dosage of 100mcg/day



The maximum daily dosage for seretide is 500/50 1 puff twice a day for accuhalers or equivalent with other types of inhalers. You should not take more than that unless specifically advised by a consultant, the reason being that too much of the serevent part can cause heart and other problems.

If your asthma is not behaving, ie: you are still symptomatic, you should call your gp or see your asthma nurse. I would ask for an asthma action plan, so that you know what you should do when your asthma becomes symptomatic. ie using a lot blue inhaler, coughing, waking up...etc

I use an add on preventer, for me, pulmicort turbohaler, as well as seretide 500/50 but there are lots of other preventers which you can add on. According to my asthma plan I add in extra preventer at different levels if I am sick.

My plan, In agreement with my doctor also is clear about when to contact them, and when to go to hospital etc and when to add on different treatments.

This all sounds rather bossy, but hopefully it is helpful




Well, just wandering off-topic slightly (sorry Julie :)!) to answer woody-som's post, the old advice was indeed to double up doses if using an inhaled steroid preventer during acute exacerbations. However, this is no longer recommended because it hasn't been proven to help. Snippet from page iv45 the 2008 BTS Guidelines pasted below contains an explanation:



Although recommended for both adults and children in previous guidelines and as part of asthma action plans, doubling the dose at the time of an exacerbation is of unproven value (335). In adult patients on a low dose (200 mcg) of inhaled steroids, a fivefold increase in dose at the time of exacerbation leads to a decrease in the severity of exacerbations (335,336). This study should not be extrapolated to patients already taking higher doses of inhaled steroids and further evidence in this area is required.""

Numbers in brackets are references to papers contained in the guidelines.

Everyone's different though, hence personal action plans.

Also apologies for pointing this out, but perhaps edit the typo '100mg' to '100mcg' Serevent (salmeterol) - 100mg/day sounds like a rather interesting dose :).


Ginny, sorry didn't notice the 'C' was missing from the dosage, damn cordless keyboards, corrected post.

I was told doubling up the separate steroid, which I previously had was fine and still done, but not to be done with the combined products.



Don't worry, I was put on the Seritide 500 by the Brompton a number of years ago at 2 * 2 per day. The suggested dosage is 1 * 2 per day but certain conditions require a higher dose.;

See this link


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