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Normal asthma symptom?

My peak flow is normal 450 but i feel as though someone is sat on my chest. I don't feel wheezy at all in fact my breathing feels clear just a bit heavy. It comes on then it goes.

I do feel as though i'm brewing a cold, i've got a achy throat. I can't decide whether its anxiety or asthma?

I don't like to take my spray unless i really have to. In fact i never really have to use it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear you're having problems. It's impossible, I'm afraid, to say for sure whether what you're describing is related to asthma or not. I have experienced similar symptoms myself which I do attribute to asthma, but I would normally get them in association with a low peak flow. If these symptoms are new to you and you are concerned, my advice would be to see your GP or ring NHS Direct for more advice.

I can appreciate you not wanting to use your reliever unless you have to, but please do not hold out and not use it when you need it. If nothing else, if you use your inhaler and it relieves these symptoms you are getting, that would be a reasonable indicator that the symptoms are asthma related.

Hope things improve for you soon

Take care

Em H



I am new to astma but i get this short of breath and pain in top of chest I do use my blue breath actuated inhaler and it eases otherwise it tends to get worse

also my gp tells me that the blue inhaler can be used as much as necessary

my gp has also given me a green inhaler which is a longer acting reliever 12 hrs+

which seems to help if taken morn and night

so it is ok to use inhalers if you are unsure (so my gp tells me)


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