Any advice grateful

Hello as some of you may know i have a flu/cold. I started steroids & antibiotics on wednesday which was my first day of feeling crappy.

My peak flow is still pretty good at 440 normally 450. Is there anything i can help to move congestion

I'm breathing in lots & lots of steam, my nose is alot clearer but my chest feels a little hoarse. Am i worrying to much?

Can i also take sudafed?

Thanks in advance x

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  • Do you have a nebuliser? I always find that nebbing saline either on it's own or together with salbutamol loosens things up!

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Hiya no i haven't.

    MY OH son was very poorly when he was little and had to give him physio to loosen the phlegm off his lungs. Hes just layed me on my side and given 5 minute slaps on either side. This has actually loosened some phlegm. Rather than swallowing any i bring up, i'm spitting it out into a tissue. I get very embarrassed doing this & it makes me feel sick. Better out than in!!

    Thanks for your reply x

  • The only thing you may need to be careful of when having physio is that it doesn't cause bronchospasm and start an attack. Don't know of any other tips sorry x

  • I had a great sleep last night. Only just got up. But i feel so much better for it.

    Would physio cause an attack. The nurse at the doctors last time i had a virus told me it helps loosen the mocus off your chest. It did help me unlodge phlegm last night.

    Thanks for the advive though :) x

  • hi julie

    i do chest physio twice a day and have never known it cause an attack (mind you, my asthma is fairly well controlled and I am not brittle)

    you could try tipping yourself, i.e lie supported on 4/5 pillows, arranged so that your head is lower than your hips - do some deep breathing sequences in that position and gravity will move the yukky stuff into the larger airways - just like a sauce bottle! Personally I think the gravity is more effective than the percussion

    also you can't beat just drinking plenty of water to keep the mucus nice and thin

  • Hi Polly

    Thanks for that great advice!!! I will say after my OH gave me physio i did feel more clear.

    Because i've used lots of steam and really tried to keep my mucus clear i have found that this has helped me keep my chest clear. I've got a very slight phlegmy cough. I only cough about 10 times in a day. I've cut right down on my milk in tea & coffee & drinking lots of water at work. I really feel the benefit after drinking lots of water.

    I've also had my humidifier delivered today. After a few hours in the lounge i can really feel my chest less tickly. My sons had Croup with his virus so i steamed his bedroom before he got into bed. I've just put it on in my bedroom. Wouldn't leave it on all night as i do worry about fire hazards. Also i don't want mouldy walls. I will only use it if we are poorly to help clear congestion.

    I will try the tilting tip. I've also been taking Sudafed. So all in all i'm quite confident with how my virus has sort of stabilised.

    Thanks again, i hope others will benefit from your very helpful advice

    Julie X

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