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Ventalin taken before preventative?

Just a quick question. I read that if you take you ventalin before your preventative (i

use seretide) It helps it to be delivered to your lungs better. I do use a spacer.

Is this true? I also hold my breath for a good full 10 seconds.

If not then i will drop the ventalin. I very rarely have to use my ventalin, only when i have a cold.


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Hi Julie,

It used to be thought that this was true, but I believe that studies have discredited the idea. Certainly, if you are not normally having to use your Ventolin, I see no reason to use it specifically before your preventer.



Yeah... thanks Emily. I think i'm going to drop the ventalin. I always hold my lungs for a good 10 seconds.

Thanks for the advice, will see if it makes a difference


That was what I was recommended to do about 20 months ago when I was first put on Seretide and I havent been told anything different-but my asthma nurse is a different one from last year and apart from dropping the Seretide from 250 to 125 she didnt recommend any change in the way I use the relief inhaler before the Seretide-but I am doing relatively ok on this ""regime"".


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