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Dreading being ill!!


Theres a few people at work who have got chest infections. I feel like going to work with a industrial mask on this week. Does anybody else dread catching illnesses.

The last illness i got was the only time i have suffered badly with my asthma. I fear that when i become ill, it will always be as bad! I have emergency steroids on stand by to catch my chest before it kicks off too bad.

I'm eating oranges like no tomorrow and spending as much time as i can outside in the fresh air.!!

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Hi Julie

what kinda work do you do? I know exactly how you feel, I work in a day nursery and the kids are always ill so I always catch what they have! I was ill a few weeks ago with a chest infection, laringitis and pleurisy and had to be signed off work. Most infections I get go to my chest and always set my asthma off, so yes I dread getting ill!!!! But I hope you don't get the infection that all your work collegues have got, also you could try taking zinc tablets as they are supposed to boost your immune system, not sure if they work but might be worth a try.


Hi thanks for your reply. I work in sales admin. I blame alot on the aircon.

I'm trying to stay positive. I'm not going to worry about something i haven't got!!


It says on your profile that you're also a riding instructor, I used to love horseriding and used to go evey weekend when I was younger. Do you still teach horseriding?


I do. Only on Sundays. I don't ride much now.

I still enjoy teaching but i couldn't do it everyday all day :)


i DREAD colds coming in to the house as i always get them and they knock me for six everytime and 9 times out of 10 go down in to my chest, cut otherwise i'm not really on my guard.

oranges are so yummy, my fave tho is kiwi!


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