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Lungs too big?


I've been wheezy on and off since the summer. Seems my lungs are now ""hyper inflated"". No-one seems worried about this except me. I suspect this isn't uncommon? Is it something that might bother me in the future? Should I be as paranoid as I am about it?

I'm starting to think that consultants shouldn't send copies of GP letters to patients!


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you can request a copy of any hospital letter from your doctors,

they usually charge you a small fee to do it.

my practice charges us 1 pound x


Hi, sometimes the terminology is a bit over the top. I've typed GP letters for consultants and sometimes wondered about the wording. Of course can't change anything and so it is typed as heard on the tape. Some of the medics for whom English might be a second language come out with some crackers as they try to explain conditions to patients GP. Our cons letters only went to GPs. Fortunately.

I wouldn't worry too much. If it were that bad, you'd have been whipped into a bed and still be there.

Let us know how you get on.

Moira xox


Thanks, your right. Someone would be worried (other than me) if there was anything nasty going on. I'll call the helpline when it reopens and try to stop panicking!



Best wishes. 8)


I had a chest x-ray the other day and was told my lungs were 'hyper-inflated' but it didn't seem worrying to any of the staff, so i think it's just normal in asthmatics?


Many thanks to the nurse at asthma UK! Nothing to worry about, hyper inflated lungs are a sign of uncontrolled asthma :)


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