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A tiny wheeze but an obvious obstruction?

This is what the OOH GP told me tonight. My lungs have been twitchy for weeks but its been tightness and breathlessness rather than a wheeze. Irritating but nothing too major. After 5 days without antihisamines and spending lots of time on the sofa all seemed well yesterday. Got through allergy clinic and took fexofenadine straight after.

A few hours later, I went out and walked past a few weeds. This set off a cough. Struggled in the evening but it seemed to calm over night. This afternoon I met a train station with a tree with yellow flowers on it. After a 3 minute wait it started again. When I got home, everything was hurting (have been a bit tight most of the day) so called the OOH GP. Went to see him and I had a minor wheeze but an obvious ""obstruction"". Not too bad as my sats were fine. He was cool and gave me smarties.

I've always made a noise, I'm usually very good at that. I'm a little worried that I wasn't wheezing when feeling so rough. Does anyone know why this might be? What is an ""obstruction""? Anyone know?

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hi ts

from my understanding, an obstruction in that way to cause a tiny wheeze, would be a slite narrowing of the airways



He might have meant by 'obvious obstruction' that he couldn't hear a great deal of air movement, which might explain why you only had a little wheeze. I sometimes get the comment that I have 'poor air entry' and when that's the case I don't shift enough air to make much of a wheeze.

It sounds to me as though he was trying to explain that the fact that you only had a tiny wheeze didn't mean that you only had a little bit of breathlessness, or whatever. Most people would interpret 'tiny wheeze' on its own as meaning that you were pretty much fine, I think, so it's helpful that he made sure they would realise that wasn't the case.

Hope you're feeling better now!



Thanks for the replies. I think I need a chat with the asthma nurse, maybe she'll get me an asthma plan. Then I'll know when to get help, with a wheeze I do know but this was all a bit wierd for me. The smarties have started to kick in now so am feeling a bit better.

Its good to see you around Snowygirl :)


I don't tend to have an audible wheeze when bad but can still feel as you describe and not respond to multiple puffs of ventolin. Saw OOH doctor a while ago who did hear a slight wheeze, which I was actually really pleased about as it showed I wasn't imagining the whole thing! Needed 2 nebs back to back on that occasion.

Have the opposite now in that I have actually started wheezing! I guess what I'm trying to say is that symptoms may change and there won't necessarily be a wheeze.

Edited to add that I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now.


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