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Ige levels

It seems mine are a bit on the high side (a few thousand). I suspect I'm not alone, it'd be good to know for sure. Does it change the way they treat asthma/eczema?

I think they tested for a few things but didn't tell me the individual results. Not that I need a blood test to tell me what I'm allergic too but it would've been good to know the numbers. Is it normal for them not go into that level of detail?



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Your Ige levels can open up a few different treatments to you or write them off as inappropriate is basically what I was told by my consultant. If you follow this link:

There is a little flow chart/diagram thing which shows when they test your ige levels and what they are and what they might be thinking.

I don't know if other people get there exact levels and results, I also get a fleeting run down of any bloods etc.

Good luck with getting the nformation you need, there are people with medical training that will know more but when your letter comes through to GP or asthma nurse they should be able to talk you through it more I would have thought.

Nicola x


There is specific IgE to certin stuff and show level of reacition you would expect to see inflammation markers wise.

IgE varies so much on a month to month basis, it just shows there is inflammation somewhere and sont seem to effect the way your treated only when it comes into Xiolair. The number in normal isnt benefitical just if high or normal.


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