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I am a fairly new kid on the block where asthma is concerned. I was ill away on a business trip and had to be rescued off the motorway by family 150 miles from home. About 2 weeks later started getting breathless for no reason just walking around the house (we have a bungalow) so no stairs involved. Went to doctors and gave me peak flow meter and antibiotics, got results from peak flow, finished antibiotics and went back to doctors and he prescribed me an inhaler. 3 years ago just after our honeymoon admitted to hospital with chest/heart/viral infection which the hospital has now said pretty much it was a viral infection. Since then had 3/4 incidents where coughing for England and felt terribly breathless on one occasion in middle of Victoria Station London.

About a month ago i knew i had asthma as over a week spiralled downhill coughing, breathless, wheezing which i never wheeze only cough and it was getting worse, exhausted for no particular reason. On the Saturday morning tried the usual meds and nothing worked - alarm bells rang so did the panic button. Peak flow usually after ventolin 450-500 mine was at 300 WITH ventolin. Hubby rushed me to A&E where i was nebulized and liquid prednisolone was given. Gradually feeling better this week but it was a bit of a shock to say the least.

Please can anyone give advice will be much appreciated of any sort of experiences like mine



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Hi there, please take your time recovering. Can take a while. Never been hospitalised (crosses fingers tightly) but maybe a few near misses. This is such a good place for help, please hang around. I'm sure there are loads of us with similar stories who can give friendly support. For medical advice, you could phone or email AUK's nurses. I found them very helpful when first diagnosed and full of shock and questions.

Take care,



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