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Asthma medication needs to be changed?

I am a very well managed asthmatic, after increasing my exercise and loosing almost 2 stone in weight I take my seritide twice daily (25/125) and rarely need ventolin. I have want to gain my ACU race licence next year and have seen that salbutamol and salmeterol are prohibited does anyone have any idea what alternatives there are to these?

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ACU? I assume something sport-related?

Many sports list things like salbutamol and its alternative, bricanyl, as banned substances - however for conditions such as asthma you can usually get a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) certificate to enable you to use them whilst competing.


Hi Kaza,

I always fancied doing ironman one day, but the same as you salmeterol is a banned substance, and unfortunately there is no workaround for this event, but salbutamol is usually acceptable, not much help, only try and find an alternative that's not on the list, very difficult, but should be possible if you really want, or see if a doctors certificate as cathy said will be OK.



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