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side effects carbobsistene

hi All.

Has anyone had side effects from carbobsistene? (which is probably spelt wrong) been on it for a while and not had any. But my dad was put on it the other day two 4times a day which seems a lot. Anyway his condition got worse. He felt very unwell and got the runs. Not eating etc. Just wondered if anyone else had this?

My dad is now in hospital. Got sent in after GP saw him. Chest infection and ? Heart failure. I know he needs to be in but its hard when its your dad and you are having to be a daughter and not the nurse. Though I disagreed with consultant when he said its not the asthma as he wasn't wheezy. I don't have a wheeze.

Anyway he did look better last eve when we went to see him. Ah my niece was so sweet she wanted to stay with my mum so she wasn't alone. She's 15.

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Hi. i take them and never had a problem.I take one morning and night but take 4 aday if need more.always forget an afternoon one so was told take 2 m/n if need them but ok on2 a day at the moment. Love Glynis xxx


hi- hope he is feeling better soon :) i have taken it for a long time. dont take it every day, just when the phelm is too thick to cough up and is making me vomit. i havent had any side effects from it x


Hi everyone, Not sure how these work, but my consultant said i need three months to get them into my system to be fully affective, so how come some find them responsive so quick or is this another version of doctors confusing us. thanks for some advice.


Hi Ken. They work quickly for me and was told dont stay in your system long x


ken- i was told that it would be fine for me to take them everyday or they were happy for me to take them when i needed to. i picked the latter as i take loads of meds and didnt want more. they help me quite quickly though


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