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Alternative Asthma Therapies And Moving To A Warmer, Dry Climate

I have have had asthma since about 1973, when I was first diagnosed with it. It was always brought on by exercise and very little else, as far as I was aware. My father had chronic asthma as a child, but this disappeared when he hit pubity. Mine, however, didn't. I was hospitalised a couple of times as a young child, but generally it has got better with age, and then appeared to plateau at mid teens. By my 20s I started noticing symptoms brought about from seasonal pollen, food types (dairy especially), winter colds and flu as well as exercise.

I have never been great with the meds. When on Becatide or any preventative I generally failed at taking it regularly enough to really notice any improvement in my asthma. And especially as a teenager, I used to heavily overuse Ventolin - up to 10-15 double/treble puffs on a daily basis.

I currently use Symbicot and Ventolin - try yo be more regular and consistent with the preventative, and more controlled with my Ventolin usage too.

I'm now approaching 40 and want rid of asthma for good. Enough is enough.

Does anyone have any serious experience with alternative therapies and medicines? I'm sick of filling my body with Glaxo's drugs and am willing to try anything...

Also I lived in Australia and New Zealand for a year recently and noticed a drastic improvement in my symptoms... Admittedly I was more active physically, but could the climate have been responsible for this?

Hope someone can help.... 32 years of asthma is really beginning to get on my errrrrm chest!

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There have been previous posts about alternative therapies in relation to asthma on the forum and all seem to come to a similar conculsion. Don't come off your medication without the say so of your GP or respiratory consultant. Nothing in my opinion is guaranteed to be a alternative to asthma medication and make your symptoms lessen and personally I wouldn't try it - this is my opinion.

I understand how fed up you feel with having asthma, I think we all can get times like that, especially when we have bad spells.

If you feel your medications are not working for you then please speak to your GP/asthma nurse or respiratory consultant so they can work with you to get you on the medication that suits you best.

I have heard moving to a warmer and drier climate can help peoples medical conditions (not necessarily asthma) but I have no proof to back this up. Everyone's asthma is different and is effected by different triggers.

I hope you find the answers you're looking for.


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