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chest xray

HI, my asthma has not been good for the last 6 months (peak flow not to bad as i was always reasonably fit. I was on filoxotide which stopped working then seretide not great now trying symbicort (2 weeks) also tried steroids which helped the tightness. Got a bronchial cough last 4 months hoping x ray would show up something as asthma gets you down appreciate any advice (male age 50 ) have always used ventolin.

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Hi Allan

The unfortunate thing with chest x-rays and asthma is that an x-ray will not (generally speaking) show up any asthma symptoms, unless your airway is extremely tight. They are good, however, for looking for alternatives, such as infection (e.g. pneumonia), pneumothorax (air trapped next to the lung) and some other conditions which may affect breathing.

If you have been referred for an x-ray it is generall safe to say that thay will be looking for either an alternative or, if you have a long-established, definate diagnosis, they will look for something that may be causing complications.

Hopefully someone will be along to correct me if I'm wrong, but in the mean time i hope this helps!

Take care, emz


Hey Allan,

hope the chest x-ray wil be ok, im in the same boat as you unfortunately, having to go to emergency doctors today tight chest, infection a pain, reaching for breath... a right pain.

my peak flows are good at the mo, yet not having a good time with my lungs, not the only way to spiot an attack or probs with asthma....

it does get you down, but the support and knowing your not the only one on this websites helps, always write when your down, we have a rant and moan chain please join!

im on my maximum steriod dose and salbutomol never works for me when im bad like this... its always hard trying to find the right meds for the right time! hayfever doesn't help, have you considered maybe that is causing your symptoms?

hope you'll be ok, and hope after my appointment ill be ok too!

take care



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