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Question about Ventolin/Ventilin

Hello everyone,

That's my first post here. I'm not ashmatic and frankly speaking i don't know personally anybody suffering from asthma. I registered here seeking advice. I have got the fictional case scenario, concerning a person suffering from asthma.

My two questions:

1) After taking Ventilin/Ventolin, can you exert your lungs? For example, by talking. If no, can you tell me how long do I have to wait? And can you point out for the authority for that, some kind of website, perhaps journal?

2) Does Ventilin/Ventolin contaminate reading of a breath sample taken by the police? If so, how long does that period lasts?

If you don't know the answers, can you direct me to relevant authorities?

I would be grateful for your answers. Thank you in advance.

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Hello there,

I hope I understood you questions,

If someone is not asthmatic and they take Ventolin they can experience a 'high' feeling because ventolin opens up the lungs. They will feel dizy and their heart rate will increase, but after a while (depending on how much they take) this should pass. I suppose talking will be effected but shouldn't exert the lungs. It is very unwise to take ventolin unless someone is asthmatic. It acts as a reliver for asthmatics, but they too can experince the 'high' if they take too much.

From what I know Ventolin won't effect breath samples taken by the police. Their test is for alcohol units only so - having increase air flow from a reliever inhaler won't make a difference to their readings.

Anyway hope this helps, there are probably others on here that can direct you if not.



Thanks for the anwer :) What I meant by asking about exerting lungs was slightly different. Let me use an example.

I'm an asthmatic. Just about to have an attack so i'm taking Vetilin to bring relief. The question is, right after taking Ventilin, is there a specified period of time in which i should avoid talking, taking deep breaths or otherwise overexerting my lungs?


I would at least wait until all symptoms have subsided and you are feeling better before exerting yourself. I suppose this would vary in how long someone takes to respond to ventolin, it usually has a very quick effect.

Hope this helps



after taking ventolin you are encouraged to sit down and take deep breaths to try and aid the ventolin in calming your breathing, so taking deep breaths arent exerting yourself.

Talking is often used as a guage of how bad your asthma is, if you cannot talk a full sentence then you need to go to a and e.

So i do not think that question is correct i do not think you can exert yourself from talking or taking deep breaths. I would say for information on this talk to a physiotherapist because they encourage deep breathing during a point of needing to take blue inhaler (ventolin)

Also, there is a theroy not sure if it is true that if someone has just taken there ventilin MDI inhaler (cfc free) and do a breath test for police it would show up as having alochol in there body, but not from drink but from inhaler. I cannot remeber where i found this out but i know it was discussed in passing with a medical person as i find i cannot have the MDI inhalers due to the propellant having a property of alcohol in them. I think the period is very short ie you take inhaler and do breath test straight after or 5 minutes after. After 15minutes it wil have gone away.

HOpe that is helpful.



Cheers Plumie for your answer. It is really helpful. Well, i've read in BMJ that Ventolin can give false potive results in breath test. My point however is, if you were an asthmatic, you took a Ventolin and was after asked bythe policeman to give a breath test, can you do that, regardles of the results? I mean, are you physically able to do that?



From the purposes of being asked to do a breath test if you were asthmatic and had a brief splat requiring ventolin you would more than likely struggle to do the test. From a sheer lack of puff point of view!

I agree with clare too- talking can be too tiring when your struggling and i often cant speak in full sentences most often struggle to get a word or so out at once when im bad.

Good luck with it what is it for?? You an actor acting the part of am asthmatic i presume?

Good luck lv kat Xx


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