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For Those that develop a cough with Their Asthma When They have an Attack or Otherwise

This may be a bit too much detail for some but it's part and parcel of asthma.

When you develop the 'cough' and can actually cough up and spit it out, what colour is it?

I am asking as this morning, I was coughing up tar (for those that don't know, I smoke / did) and you can normally tell the difference as it's a browny colour and lumpy. I also coughed up blood this morning, nowt much but atleast 3 times, could tell by the colour and taste (YUK!)

And, because, when I do have an attack and I get a cough, it's stickier than superglue and is normally white / slightly greeny/brown.

Anyone else?

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Mine is usually green or white- when had throat infection it was bright green!


Think you should go GP.


Bright Green!, Nice!!!

Not worried about going to the Doctor's as it's nothing new to me and only happens on rare occaisions.


if coughing lot recently may just be vessels at bk of throat but best to see gp to check. Likewise I only cough no wheeze but know when gets worse need to go for help but generally cough all time in stages and have had bit blood but was ok. like said best to be safe and see gp or if feeling bad a and e. coughing stuff up is usually green and vile tasting and jknow then have chest infec. othewise struggle to actually cough anything up.


When I have one of my cough-induced vomits I mostly ""emit"" virtually nothing except if I have recently eaten-I once regurgitated a piece of Chicken Tikka that I honestly thought was part of my lung as I was coughing so violently!!

-coughing up blood is never a good sign though,hope its just temporary!!


sometimes when i cough up its a variation on green or white, sometimes i get some streaks of blood when i have a bad infection or ive been coughing harder than normal. I cough a lot anyway, its my main symptom.

It also helped my friends to find me in town when they didn't know i was out. I can be tracked by cough, in the same way nathaniel can be tracked by smell!!


Just cloudy off white but very sticky!


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