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Antibiotics do help!

I am a late onset sufferer. Put up with it for a year, suffering chronic coughing/ phlegm/ / wheezing sinus trouble. One year after diagnosis i had enough. Researched online. Got azythromycin. Took 500mgx3 days , then 750mg 1x weekly as advised on some sites. after 2 weeks i stopped using the steroid inhaler, the node spray and the singulair. The wheezing is reduced by 95%; coughing almost completely gone, sinus much clearer. They say it can take 12 - 18 weeks to completely clear. The question i am asking is, why was I allowed to suffer for a year by the medical experts and spend a load of money on ineffective treatments when this option could have been available to me? ANYONE presenting with these symptoms should be treated with Azithromycin. Not to try it is a deriliction of duty on the part of doctors. And yes, i am angry! Apparently this treatment will be effective for 50 % or more patients. A ratio too good to ignore!

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The antibiotics you took reduce inflation in the airways . They are not always used to treat infections . As the airways open up the asthma improves .... Now that you have stopped the antibiotics it sounds that you are no longer taking anything to treat the inflamtion of airways or asthma symptoms should they return ... You should discuss this further with your doctor or asthma nurse ...


None of the meds I was using were of any help at all over the year. Nothing stopped me from constantly spluttering, and the consultant told me I just had to put up with it! I am actually mid- course but even if your explanation is correct, its still a valid option for relief for someone in such a desperate state. And the indications are that I probably have benefitted from the antibiotic function. Every time I had a course of antibiotics - of a variety-I would report the improvement to my GP only to be met with a shrug of the shoulders and a prescription for another inhaler. The asthma palliative medication industry seems so well protected by the medical profession that i think i will invest. I just think there will be thousands of late onset sufferers like me who need to try this treatment.

Anyway, rant over and thanks for giving me the therapeutic vent!


Hello and welcome first of all henry97,

Can I check though that I have read this correctly? You researched online and found out about azithromycin. Where did you get it from and what do your doctors think now?

There are posts here on azithromycin. It's inflammatory use in asthma is relatively recent and it seems to be prescribed under specialist asthma consultants. It is not routinely prescribed as not included in guidelines which state routine prescription of antibiotics is not indicated for acute asthma. It may be not suitable for many people.

I'm not sure using the word palliative in such a context as asthma medication is correct either.


I was wondering where you obtained the medication? I would not even think about getting tablets from the internet or anywhere else without a prescription. I am very glad it is working for you but I do think that you have been lucky so far. The only way I would even think about the treatment would be to ask my GP or consultant if they thought that it is suitable for me and I would take the tablets if prescribed. Asthma is too dangerous a condition to be messed about with and I would always seek proper advice. Good luck with it and I do hope it continues to work for you but I do think that you are taking an enormous risk with your health and possibly even your life.


Any change of medication or therapies should be discussed with a medical practitioner 1st ... The antibiotics do not work for every one . if anyone is considering this treatment .My concern is with a flare up Of symPtoms the reliever medication will be needed also ...... My medical team has me on it as a supplemental treatment and not as my main treatment of asthma. For the past 3 years .The anti inflammatory properties of antibiotics have been widely researched in Asia and seem they at years ahead of us in this treatment .....


Presumably one can not stay on antibiotics indefinitely? I thought GPs had moved away from prescribing antibiotics because of the growing resistance to them.


Official Asthma UK warning follows:

You should not change your medication, be it starting something new or stopping an existing medicine, without full discussion with your GP/asthma nurse/consultant. Lay persons are not trained in the possible interactions between drugs, their correct usage and dosage, or what possible side effects there may be and how to deal with them. Self-prescribing and obtaining prescription medications can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

Sorry to have to throw that in, but we have to be responsible.




Azythromycin is used as long term treatment for asthma but only when other avenues have been exhausted (It has good anti-inflamatory properties) ! AND should be instigated by consultants. Have you pursued other avenues, different types of preventers? I would much rather use a preventer inhaler or other add on medications rather than use long term antibiotics. There are so many bugs becoming resistant to antibiotics these days, even I think twice about starting any course of anti biotics. I am brittle asthmatic so prefer to only have them when I have an infection.

However, If I was offered Azythromycin long term, I would look at the pro's & con's of it.

I have had a short course and yes, my symptoms did improve.

Asthma Palliative??? Most asthmatics are able to lead a perfectly normal and active life using the usual preventer inhalers.... Steroid inhalers and some with long acting broncodilators. Inhaled steroids are safe, much safer than long term anti biotics.

Can you enlighten us as to what you tried before? Each person is different and it can take a bit of juggling with preventers to get the correct combination that works for you.

You haven't told us if the Azythro was self prescribed and purchased over the internet (very dangerous due to fake drugs) or it was your GP who gave you them....



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