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I was wondering how many of you use the Spiriva Capsules? I know you can only use them if you can 'suck in' enough breath and luckily I was able to meet the requirmemts, but after only one dose I was feeling 100% better than just using Salbutamol and Seretide, it really has changed my life, only trouble is if I forget one I am twice as bad as I was before using only the other two inhalers.

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  • I use them but can't say have noticed any real difference. agree tho can be an effort to actually inhale capsules if not feeling great.

  • I honestly felt so much better after just the first one, guess we all have different drugs that suit us better.

  • Hi Sandy

    I have been using Spiriva for about 3 years. They were the only thing that would stop me coughing - and I had already damaged my larynx with the damned coughing, which is not too good when you work on a telephone helpline and have no voice.

    MInd you, being a blonde(!) I have also swallowed the capsule with a nice cup of tea - it was the same week as I used blisteeze in my eye instead of gel tears. Thank goodness I am not so stressed now.


  • Kathy I hope you don't have any pets on medication! *snigger*

  • Well Sandy, as it happens, I do have a dog and a cat, but they are not on medication at the moment. Mind you, when the dog was on antibiotics, he used to get a biscuit after every dosage. Now, whenever he hears the tablet cupboard open, he comes in wagging his tail,bless him! We call him the junkie.

    You weren't thinking I was daft enough to take the dog's tablets, were you!!!


  • Hi Sandy, I have been using spyriva for about 3 years and find it great. I think there is a knack of inhailing it and somtimes it can just hit the back of your throat instead of going into your lungs.

  • I tried these, but how long do you take them to make any affect? I gave up after two months because never noticed any improvement in peak flows. Plus on top of all the other potions, i do wonder at times if these inhalers block up the airways instead of clear them. I can never seem to get the phlegm up and always feel as though its stuck at the back of the throat. On the plus a few people i know have said this drug as been good for them. maybe im just unlucky.

  • Well Katy - I did sort of wonder *snigger* although having said that a veterinary nurse I know says that a medication given for arthritis in dogs she would gladly take if she was certain there would be no unwanted side effects like growing fur or a tail to give her away!!!!

  • Sandy

    Sounds like your friend is a girl from the same mould as me - a bit batty?


  • all my friends are batty - have to be to associate with me!!!

  • Just a thought - does anyone using Spiriva have a problem getting a pack with a new inhaler in? I have been getting refills for months. I know I was getting them even when GP was ordering inhaler and capsules, but I didn't bother. Now I am a bit concerned because you cannot wash the inhaler and I've had mine for months. I'm sure it can't be hygienic. Pharmacist says I will have to ask GP to specify inhaler pack next time. It's a bummer, messing about with all the repeats.


  • yes i only get refills from gp not new inhaler each time

  • Morning all ,

    I don't know but i got told over here by my con that i can wash mine. Well that is what the germen docs tell me.I also only get the refils . But knowing my luck when i get back to england they will tell me something alse.

    L Kaz

  • I just rinse mine through with hot water and let it dry naturally. I order repeat prescriptions via the web and about every six months ask for a new inhaler as well as the capsules and get one no problem.

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