Hi. I saw a doctor today as my asthma nurse is really concerned about me, this is after me being ill for the past 5 weeks, been on a nebuliser and using upto 8 lots of ventolin a day and night, using top dosage preventer, myself refusing to be admitted into hospital and oh, been on prednisolone.

So, after needing my ventolin at least 4 times today already, I reluctantly agreed with my nurse that I would see Dr. Useless.

The Doctor told me that my pulse rate is high and that when I am breathless, I should "" Not take my much needed Ventolin"" and just ""get on with it!"" In all my 11 years of having asthma I only ever take my Ventolin when it is really needed ie: to keep me alive!

I am no further afield and feel very disheartened by him. Has anyone else been in the same boat?

Thanx for reading, Hayls x

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  • That's terrible what a horrible doctor, hope your ok and feel better soon xx

  • First and foremost I think you are very vulnerable at the moment, your body is exhausted and you are really playing with fire not agreeing to go into hospital. I know we all hate it, I have just had 3 admissions in 2 weeks, two of which were so serious that I nearly ended up in ITU due to being too exhausted to keep fighting. This is my concern for you, ignore doctor, there are others and please go back to your lovely Asthma Nurse and get yourself admitted. Life is too precious, so respect it and anyone who is willing to get you fighting fit, POST BACK AND TELL US YOU HAVE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION!

  • Your welcome sweet heart, just promise yourself, you are first and foremost, everything else comes second or last until you are fit!

  • Dear Hayls

    I feel so sorry for you, not wanting to go to hospital but really too unwell for home, its not a nice predicament to be in, and just a waiting game of if you get worse or better.

    Maybe what your doctor meant with regard to your pulse being high is that when it is it can make your breathlessness worse as your body is having to work much harder, getting your pulse down could help get your breathing under control. You dont say what your pulse was?

    I had a spell recently where my resting pulse was continuously around 125-135 and it really did affect my breathing, I was fortunate to have a good consultant who worked with me to titrate meds to achieve a reduction in pulse and still offer some control of breathing, it was hard going for several weeks and I'm afraid to say i did just have to get on with it a lot…….. but I had support and guidance which is something your GP has not offered. Would your asthma nurse be more supportive or can you see your consultant if you have one or even see a different GP, you need help to get this sorted not just left to get on with it.

    After 5 weeks of struggling and still needing 8 nebs a day maybe you should consider giving yourself a break and let them admit you into hospital to get sorted out.

    Good luck, and really hope you get better soon.

  • I have had similar experiences - both for myself and my son. It's very frustrating and a little bit hurtful. If things dont improve, I really think you should go back (see if you can see another doctor) or let yourself be admitted to hospital. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.

  • Don't let him get you down, ask him to put it in writing and when your better you will follow it up with the consultant. It helps them get perspective I find.


  • I would change doctors if I were you.

  • Ditto. If possible ask for a second opinion from another GP in the practice.

  • Hayls, I noticed you're on Seretide: I was on Serevent several years ago, which contains the same LABA component. My GP took me off it because it made my pulse skyrocket, so I wonder whether perhaps your elevated pulse might be from the Serevent and not the Ventolin? It might be worth asking a different GP whether this is the case.

  • So useless

    Oh, my mum went to the doctors with me once because I was very ill with pheumonia, I couldn't walk that much and the doctor turned around and said to my mum ""You're just too over protective, nothing is wrong with her!"" . Some doctors are very useless!!

  • So i get told by cons to try my best at managing attacks at home. Called on call doc who as it was and urgent call as they classed it they were meant to be with me within 15mins! Hour later no show, amazing people in green called but oh to late i was proper poorly, couldnt get to main door, resulting in police smashing door down, would av been great to watch, not to happen to, got to pay for a new door now! Sniffles all because of a usless doctor!!! X

  • Hope you are now getting the help you need. It must be so scary to be in that situation especially when it could have been avoided. Take it easy, try & get some rest & I hope you'll be back at home soon. When you are stronger I'd think about taking further action. I've always been scared too in the past but was told if the practice isn't aware there is an issue it can't deal with it. May prevent you being in this situation again.

  • Thank you for advice, action will definatly be taken! Wouldnt want this to anyone else! X

  • Has anyone actually met a doctor with asthma? Sounds bad but maybe more asthmatic doctors out there are needed!

  • Nope never met an asthmatic doc! My chest consultant is fab! His openin line when i first met him was, 'i dnt have asthma so i dont no how you feel, and i wont stand here and say i sympathise with you because it will be a lie!'

    ive met some asthmatic nurses though and they are great with kicking bottoms as they know how you feel


  • Thats actually a really nice thing to say! He was honest with you. I always seem to end up with really scary asthma nurses! Closest thing I had was a past coach who had a son with asthma - absolutely brilliant!!!

  • Your cons sounds great Charlie, wish I had one like that! The ones I saw were too busy asking me if I was stressed and telling me I must be breathing wrong to consider how it actually feels chest-wise.

    Have never met an asthmatic doctor or nurse to my knowledge but my amazing GP is very sympathetic and was determined to get to the bottom of things and not just tell me I couldn't be feeling bad because there was nothing wrong according to the tests. He is not technically an asthma GP but is into sports medicine and treats a lot of asthmatic athletes.

  • Youre lucky! Im an asthmatic athlete and its hard work - its like double the amount of training as you gotta watch what youre doing etc. Are you willing to share your GP? Lol - sounds like a perfect one for me! Lol xx

  • Hayls, not a helpful sounding doctor. Please go back and see another doctor or your asthma nurse for at least a medication review as if your profile is up to date with Symbicort and Ventolin, there is a lot more you could try. Also, refusing admission if needed is not the best idea.

    Charliewarlie, great consultant! Never met an asthmatic doctor or nurse myself but there has been several on here.

    Philomena, could do with a GP like yours.

  • Haha people are always envious of my GP and with good reason! I would happily share him if I could, agree that he would be perfect for you Julie. Seems a bit wasted on me as I am very far from being an athlete, but the other good one is sympathetic but a lot less proactive.

  • He is an amazing cons! Wouldnt have any other 1! His ward rounds are fab to...spends minimum ten minutes sat (not stood at end of bed) with each patient talking tk them bout how they are, what they been like, how they want their treatment, what treatment he thinks is best etc....only thing he fails on is writing things down. .. He doesnt always remember to write in the notes...

  • He sounds great Charlie! Not writing things down is annoying but there are worse first cons never read my notes so there was no point anyone else writing stuff down!

  • I think thats the luck of the draw - you get good one and bad ones! As an athlete, i think about sport first so injuries have to be treated by my ""injury guy"" who deals with sports injuries and my coach has to be appropriately qualified......a sports asthma doctor would be the icing on the cake for me!!!

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