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Crackles in lungs

My husband is recovering from chest infection but crackles have been heard in one lung, these were also seen on chest xray before treatment. G.P. not sure if he has asthma but may have allergy. Do any of you have/had crackles on lungs? ?related to asthma, hubby does not wheeze. Worried about this. He is told to go for another chest xray in a few weeks when all antibiotics are out of system.He is fit and peak flow reading much improved.

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Im sorry your husband has not been well.

Crackles on the lungs are normally heard when there is infection present. Whenever I have an infection the Drs always say they ehar crackles. but if i dont have a infection then they dont tend to hear crackles more a wheeze.

~Because he has crackles it is more lily to be infection but I would ask a Dr.



Oh yes, once it was so bad that he didn't even listen to my chest, you could hear it without the stethoscope. I wouldn't worry at this stage, it takes weeks for the body to recover.


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