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need some help to understand

can some one please help me to understand why after being told ventilation wasnt needed have they on friday ventilation my aunt. i have never had to have this done to myself, but my aunt has had cpap treatment in her one she uses for her OSA, but a differnt style with O2. but they have ventilated her with another sort of ventolation . any one know how long she may be on this for and why they may have done it? also she has a mucus plug developed. i hate being left in the dark people dont seem to understand i need info to about how well she is and what is going on and as well as that my dad and uncle talk about it and forget we can all hear.

spider (holly)x

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Hi Holly

You need to talk to your dad and uncle and get them to explain whats happening. All threatment including ventilation is different for all people, if one person is ventilated for two days another can be on for two weeks.

Good luck in finding out in the mean time don't worry, your aunt will be well looked after.

Best wishes

Truly x


holly, as truly says, each person who needs ventilated is on it for a different length of time, depending on how they are doing, and on what other medicines they are on.

You really need to ask your dad + uncle to explain to you what the doctors said - that will help you to understand what is happening.

Often with asthma things can change quickly, and that is probably why they have ventilated her after saying she didn't need it. Sometimes people get too tired to breathe properly, cos when your asthma is bad it is really hard to breathe, and the ventilator gives you a rest from the work of breathing - does it for you and lets you get better.

I hope your aunt gets well and off the ventilator soon, but if you have more questions that people aren't answering then ask away.




thanks both, i have spoken to dad but he says it it because he is not wanting to scare me to much i just said i worry and get scared more if they never tell me i am and that i am 16 today and am not 10!! they have done the vent because jaycies heart and body need a rest she is slowly coming of it so this is good. thanks again for your understanding and suppoert

holly x


New Asthma sufferer

Really confused, cant understand why at the age of 41 I now have this. I enjoy walking my dog, but am now becoming more and more frightened of having an attack. Last one I ended up in hospital for 5 hours on a nebuliser.

I now have an inhaler, but seem to be using this more and more. Night times I am also waking up wheezing in the night. Cant walk up a hill without feeling the air has gone from my lungs and my legs become wobbly.

Not sure how to control this, any tips from anyone, I would be really grateful.


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