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can you clarify brittle asthma 4me

i do know the answer to this but would like someone to clarify the disease process of brittle asthma. i mean in terms of can you develop it like me from mild asthma from three years of age ,slowly getting uncontrollable into teens the ""BANG"" instability remains for a long time, then eventual diagnosis of brittle. Or can you have brittle asthma from the onset. i hope you understand what i am asking for with this post as sometimes i can be confusing!! as my brain tends to think far to intensely and what i really want to get a cross is not all ways so! thank you for your participation in my inquire i though i should say the main reason for this post is someone i have meet (not personally i may add) has had asthma for a few months and now has brittle asthma, can this occur as i was always under the impression uncontrolled /brittle asthma was a progressive form of asthma and wasn't something you started off with but rather something that developed from once mild asthma or other chest diseases


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Brittle asthma is a very difficult and grey area, and a term often overused by doctors usualy when they have a patient whos beyond there linits of knowledge, this happened to me. I went from very mild to uncontrolled following a bout of pnumonia, my attacks were first classifiedn as brittle as trhey followed that pattern of itu and life threatening everytime, but my undelying asthma was uncontrolled. I was reffered and subsequently treated then by a specialist at a lubg centre rather than local hosp, he too agreed. Then last year my asthma turned to brittle? dont know how or why, only difference noticed is bricanyl sub cut works better and can be well inbetween splats? Some of the longer brittles on here may be better to reply as me im still adjustng to it all. One thning i would say thats been said here before is that its overused term and should really only be diagnosed by a specialist at a lung centre and specialist difficult asthma clinic not general chest docs?

Andrea xxx


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