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Hey peeps,

Just a quick question about painkillers - sorry if this has been asked before had a quick look.

As a lot of you know I have a broken foot (yawn) so I can not take Ibuprufen due to my Asthma. I was taking co-codamol and then changed to co-drydamol and then going back to co-codamol. I take them as little as poss as prefer to stick to the good old paraetemol. Can these affect my asthma r has anyone had any experience of this?

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Hey Laurenjayne

Paracetamol is perfectly safe to use with asthma as long as you follow the instructions carefully (which i'm sure you will) but they are not as strong as co-codamol as they are just paracetamol and nothing else.

Hope they work.


Which will be why thay really are not strong enough. I took a reaction to Ibrupfen once so i am quite wary about using painkilllers in general - eeek!!

Does anyone know if co-codamol or co-drydamol ave ever caused problems with asthmatics?



If your taking them with no problems I wouldn't worry.

Tks xx


i've not been taking them much as i'm wary of all painkillers - silly i know but i know paracetamol doesn't cause me probs - tho i don't knowwith what they are mixing it with. When i took the co-drydamol i didn't feel right which is why i want to go ack to the co-codamol - the stronger ones but i don't know - i hate pain!!


Everyone is differnt. Asthma isn't generally affected by codeine but there are always some who are. It would be better to take the pain killers regularly though, that makes them much more effective, especially during the first couple of weeks or so. Co-codamol and co-drydamol are both paracetamol combined with different quantities of codeine. Be aware that codeine is a constipater though.



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