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Hey peeps

Just wanted to ask what you all thought about spacers - I have my volumatic for in the house and quite a few aerochambers - i prefer the one with the mask as its a lot better for me personally to use when i'm panicking during an asthma attack etc but i have a few of each.

I've now been back at work three days (i'm on my three days off now and then i'll do four days next week) and i have already taking two attacks. Because i'm now based on the shop floor rather than in the office i do not have a desk anymore and my spacer etc is locked away in my locker which seems to be causing me a few little problems:-

- During an attack i need to be able to get myself down to the ladies locker room which is quite a walk as its on a different floor - not too easy when you are having trouble breathing

- obviously only i know what locker it is in etc

What would everyone on here advise or reccomend to perhaps make it easier? I am so looking forward to leaving tesco in a few weeks!

Lauren xx

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I take mine where ever I am in a bag - doesn't actually need to be that large a bag either! At first colleagues used to comment about the fact I was never anywhere without it - now people accept it as it being a requirment of rmy life - I'd never get to mine in an attack that's for sure...though I also have spares at work too in key locations...

Hope that helps - under health and safety Tesco woul dhave to accommodate some manner for you to have quicker access to them!


if need be i can probably carry my fleece around with me and take my aerochamber that doens't have the mask in my pocket - do you think that sounds hygenic enough?



I'd say it would be fine in your fleece pocket if it fits ok, or what about a bum bag or any small bag? They can fit into some tiny bags if you want them to! My aerochamber is with me in my bag all the time where ever I go and the is also an 'emergency kit' held at porters lodge at my uni containing spare aerochamber, epi-pens, piriton and ventolin inhaler.

Take care

Sparkly Fairy


Hi Laurenjayne

I made a bag out of lining material for my son's spacers - i then use a clip so that i can attach it to my bag or belt loop of my jeans. It keeps it all clean and fluff free plus i also know where it is if we need it. It wasn't too tricky - i can't sew and had to borrow machine but they're ok and do the job.

Although from reading your other post Tesco's won't be a problem for you soon!!!

Take your last days easy!!!



hi my daughter (14 yrs)has just bin prescribed a 'able spacer' with a mask

its lovely it fits in her pocket and u can put yr inhaler inside the spacer

its not much bigger than yr actual inhaler/puffer and fits in her coat pocket so i would imagine it would fit in a adult fleece pocket she uses this around school cos she can't always get to the nurse intime to get her spacer or the nurse forgets it if she gets called to her also she uses iton the way home from school cos she has no room for her usual spacer



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