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Does anyone know where i can get more information on coughing as a symptom of asthma? MY main symptom is coughing and i can not find a lot of information on it.

I also (especially today after having my third attack in so many days) my sides and ribs are very painful while coughing in an attack and now even though the attack is over is this normal? anyone know what causes it?

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Hi Laurenjane,

It sounds like you may suffer from CVA (cough variant asthma).

Alison posted this link a wee while ago which provides good info on coughing: -

This is a link to the British Thoracic Society Guidelines on treating adults with chronic cough. Includes cough-variant asthma and is quite interesting.


Also Laurenjayne, if you input the keyword ""cough"" in the search bar on the LH side of the board this will throw up (if you will pardon the pun) many many previous posts relative to coughing.

Hope this helps a wee bit.

Take hair,



You can overstretch alot of muscles around chest wall during attacks and coughing and they can take a while to recover as you can imagine they cant be rested like a limb as they are in constant use to help us breathe. As a relief i fine wrappimg a sheet around your chest and crossing over at the front then when you cough pull them tighter to supprort your chest, if unsure next time in hops ask physio to show you. Also have you tried simple linctus in hot water? many chest units use it its fab!

good luck

Andrea xx

ps regular simple pain killers lika paracetamol workss wonders to


thanks for that Andrea, i'm just worried about it people are used to seeing me take attacks but when i start complaining about being in pain and get upset about that thats when people start to panic its more serious which can then make me worse as well - the words i'm going to phone an ambulance is enough to make me panic and make my attack worse. They are coming on sudden just now and i'm just looking for the first quiet place i can find.


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