hey peeps,

sorry to post another message i was just wanting some opinions on spacers.

i've been using the aerochamber spacer since december and i get on fairly well with it. i was asked if i wanted the mouthpiece or face mask and wasn't sure what to go for and was wondering what other people use and what you get on better with? how do other people get on with spacers?


lauren x

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  • I've only just purchased one of these from my asthma nurse on Friday. Haven't had to use it yet!! But once i have the right inhaler for my seretide i will be using it daily :)

  • Hi!

    I use mine with my Seretide also but I sumtimes use it with my Ventolin if I am having a bad time. I think it's really helpful - it probably wishes it was cleaned more often though :-P

    Oh yeah - I use the mouthpiece rather than a face mask.

    Shadz xxx

  • Hello laurenjayne

    I was using the aerochamber with the face mask, and then when I was in hospital recently they gave me one with a mouthpiece. I much prefer the mouthpiece one as it is smaller, neater and easier to carry around. However, I found it slightly more difficult to use at first - you have to use a slightly different breathing in-breathing out technique with the mouthpiece one. You'll know what I mean if / when you've tried both.

    But my vote would be for the mouthpiece one (it is also easier to keep clean).




  • do you think its maybe worth asking for one of each and then in emergencys i coiuld use the face mask and when able use the mouth piece. i just think in an emergency i ight get on better with the mask but i don't like to bother the nurse too much. had a pretty bad night with my asthma which is unusual. normally as long as i take my inhalors before sleep i'm fine but been woken up with my coughing/wheezing about three times. almost time to go to work now anyway.

    lauren x

  • Hey lauren

    I'm sorry you're not feeling so well. I'm sure there would be no problem with asking to be prescribed one of each kind of aerochamber - they can only say no! To be honest, I don't think there's a great deal of difference between them....Hope you feel better soon.



  • i'm going to ask tomorrow and see what the say, i pay for my presciptions anyway so don't see any problems. its probably safer to have a spare anyway. i just feel i panic during attacks and struggle to keep the spacer in my mouth. it sounds silly but in the moment i am having an attack i just can't handle it. i think i need better ways to deal with attacks

    lauren xx

  • I saw the nurse on wednesday and she gave me one of each aero chamber and a volumatic that i can use in the house. not quite sure what the differnece is with sizes but i'm sure i'll find it out. the aero-chamber with mask seems good when i'm panicing during an attack as i won't let the mouthpiece stay in my mouth.

  • I just wondered what the difference was between the volumatic and an aero chamber? I use a spacer for my becotide and ventolin when Im having a bad time but have never heard of an aerochamber?


  • Aerochambers are smaller volume than Volumatics. Most of the studies around the efficacy of spacers and the way they affect drug delivery to the lungs have been done with Volumatics, so there are few stats on the efficacy of Aerochambers. Generally people prefer them for carrying around, because they are much more portable than the Volumatic.

  • The aerochamber is a smaller spacer (slightly bigger than your palm),

    it makes a harmonica like sound if you breathe wrongly while using it...or at least mine does!

  • I have an Aerochamber which I use with my Seretide,would it be worthwhile asking my asthma nurse for a prescription for use with my relief inhaler(ventolin)?



  • Hi bluejam - you can use the aerochamber with your ventolin too - you don't need to have separate ones.

  • Thanks Cathbear,

    I wasnt sure if you would get some sort of reaction with the different chemicals-its all these COSHH assesements we do at work-it makes you wary of mixing anything!!



  • i like able spacers the best...u can store the inhaler inside the spacer so takes up even less space!

  • seriously? that sounds really good, very handy! is that a bigger sized spacer tho?

  • The able spacer is one of the smallest ones you can get - you can get them on prescription or can buy them too.

    They are Made by Clement clarke.

    Dimentions = 14cm long and about 6cm at its widest.

    virtually the same size as the Aerochamber plus (GSK) but you can't pop your inhaler inside it.

    Both fit more or less all MDI inhalers.


  • can you just buy them? i thought you always needed a prescription for them. its not too bad carrying spacers and inhaors but anyway i can save space in my ""suitcase of medicine"" i carry about with me on a daily basis would be great. is it just as good as the other spacers?

  • can you just buy them? i thought you always needed a prescription for them. its not too bad carrying spacers and inhaors but anyway i can save space in my ""suitcase of medicine"" i carry about with me on a daily basis would be great. is it just as good as the other spacers?

  • is it quite easy to move the inhalor out of it during an attack?

  • I think you can buy them over the counter in boots though they may have to order one for you. There is no POM mark on the box (POM = Prescription only Medicin)


  • thanks Kate, i'll go in and ask. i remember once when i broke my other spacer while on holiday i went into boots and they would only give me one because i asked my doctor to call in.


  • it doesnt take long 2 take the inhaler out..a matter of seconds with shakey hands! hope that helps

    Emma x

  • thanks emma, that does sound like a really good spacer. i'm going to go into boots over the weekend and see if i can buy one.


    lauren x

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