thinking about it my asthma started getting worse last year when i was living in a flat with the worst damp problem ever - for a year i was complaining but never got any where with my landlord. the nurse said that could of ben what made my asthma worse. i moved a few months ago now and not really had any improvement, do you think t maybe was a complete co-incedence? my furniture and everything got badly damaged with it, my bedroom furnitire,cothing etc and i dd clean everything but no luck.

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  • prob good chance as con asked me at my last appt if i was living in damp place? so it must affect stuff. just try and make sure everything you have is completly aired out cud take while tho.

  • cheers, i suppose i maybe should of bought things like a new bed or aired it properly as that could explain why i still feel pretty rotten. i just thought as soon as i moved it would improve though. maybe i'm to optymistic at times! x

  • Damp does affect your chest

  • Mould produces spores these could well be in your bed, sofa and any clothes, soft furnishings etc. if you chest is affected by these then it will continue as long as the spores are there. You would probably need to replace evrything.

  • seriously? thats scary, that would cost a fortune to replace everything but suppose its better than being ll. i complained for a year before eventually moving. i wish i hadn't been so stupid as i'm def suffering for it now.

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