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bizzare symptoms

hey peeps,

seem like ages since i was last on here!! been busy busy, the hayfever has been starting to go a bit bad again which is driving me crazy, had quite a few small attacks this week but tey've been really annoying me!! my chest is constantly umcomfy and like tight which i'm not used to - does anyone know what this could be? my PF is fine, the nurse has tld me not to worry and to visit her tomorrow fternoon for a check-up etc but i'm worried anyway - arghh!! xxx

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I shouldn't think anyone could speculate what's wrong from the information you've given (and probably oughtn't to try!). Could be any one of a number of things couldn't it?

Obviously you're doing the right thing in going for a check-up tomorrow but in the meantime, if the nurse has told you not to worry, perhaps you could find something to do to keep your mind off things so you can stop worrying? Or have a couple of glasses of your favourite tipple to help you relax

What do you mean by ""small attacks"" by the way? That's a genuine question by the way, not rhetorical


by small attacks i mean, 'm over it after around half an hour to an hour and can get on with what i'm doing - obviouly i've stopped wheezing and coughing before that but after that time i feel back to normal and by small its something i've dealt with rather than causing a major drama and having people needing to help me.

I just worry loads and loads and i think i'm worried its smething more serious as i know i've lots planned for next week - two major interviews and obviously my asthma is something that needs to come up but one is with a major radio statio and another with a television channell and i just want to be okay for them but apart from a tight chest i am totally fine so i don't know if its maybe anxiety and stress about them.


Yea I've had a tight chest for a couple of weeks now and I hate it and wish it would go away! Its always after a cold as it moves down from nose, throat and then on to my chest, but boy does it linger!!! and linger and linger. Its the only time I find my (usually mild) asthma a real problem.


Me too!

I'm having similar problems to you, lods of 'small' attacks which respond to additional nebs and I don't need to bother anyone else with. I'd put it down to the variable weather conditions but its really annoying me now as I want to do so much but my pf is only about 75% of its normal range. Consultant has tried upping my pred but it doean't seem to be high enough to make a difference. Like you I'm also going though what they call an'emotional' time with having interviews for new jobs and trying to cope with my Nan being seriously ill.

Hopefully we'll both get some resolution soon. Hope your interviews went well.

Take care



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