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recovery times


i was wondering how long after an attack people start to feel back to normal (if there is such a thing). For me its different with each attack, i can have one and then be back doing whatever i was doing 30 minutes later (although i'll admit it can be an part of an act at time when i just want to tell people i'm ok when i'm not) and other times like today it takes hours to recover. I took an attack quite suddenly at work, no warning at all, my chest normally starts going tight so i go off and try to deal with it but today i was woring one minute and on the floor unable to breathe the next. it set me off for the day, i ended up coming home eventually (i attempted a couple of hours after) i just don't know if i should feel 100% by now or if this is normal.

any advice would be appreciated!

a confused laurenjayne!

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think every attack is different and also depends on the enviroment around you at the time, eg the cold weather wont halp at min!!

just rem not to push urself too much

hope ur feeling better soon



I was told that after a really bad episode, a few days / week of asthma, ie when you get cold (if asthmatic) that it can take up to 10 weeks for your lungs to fully recover. I was very sick at christmas, and although my lungs have mostly recovered, I am still not completely back to normal.

Apparently according to my consultant, it does take time to recover, particularly when your lungs have been irritated for some days. I was told not to 'over do it'

I think this is probably individual, but I guess the longer your lungs are 'irritated and reactive' the longer it will take to recover.

Cheers RI




10 weeks? that is such a long time. its understandable though. i suppose everyone will be different but sometimes its so annoying. i just don' feel right and i know its because of this cold! i just want i to go away!!


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